Ed Elements: May 2015 Newsletter

May 2015 Newsletter


On Our Minds:

#PLSummit #CantWait

Our Personalized Learning Summit kicks off this Thursday. Over 200 people passionate about personalized learning - from Superintendents to coaches, from districts as small as 1000 students to as big as 300,000 students - will spend two days learning from each other. Follow us on Twitter #plsummit and @edelements for photos, videos and lessons learned.

10 District Leaders Are Starting a PL Journey Together

The Lexington Institute recently announced a class of 10 district leaders from across the country as Lexington Education Leadership Award (LELA) Fellows.  We are excited to partner with the Lexington Institute to help jumpstart great conversations by inviting all LELA fellows to our #PLSummit and we will provide technical assistance and strategic support throughout the fellowship.  See the full list of fellows here.

Georgia On Our Mind

We recently kicked off work in Fulton County, GA with 15 schools that are excited to be personalized learning pioneers in the district.  From district workshops to school listening tours the first months of the project have been filled with the excitement and energy of a district ready to do big things.  We are looking forward to helping the schools of FCS to reach their goals.


Design Spotlight :

This year, Education Elements has focused on helping districts develop a more explicit communication strategy. Almost every district we talk to says that they feel like they are on initiative overload and fear adding one more thing to their teachers’ plate. The reality is that personalized learning is often the glue and philosophy that ties many of these seemingly disparate initiatives together into a more coherent strategy. That being said, if a teacher is being pulled in three different directions by their coach, principal, and district, you can bet that there’s not much likelihood for innovative teaching.

We’ve focused our work with districts on how to make sure that teachers aren’t feeling this tug and ensure that they understand the “why” and “how” of personalized learning based on student needs. Visuals, such as the one below, help districts focus on four key areas of implementation before jumping into designs and selecting curriculum.  


In the coming months, we’ll be sharing more about these strategies and examples of districts that have focused on keeping their messaging tight so that teachers can experiment with more student-centered classrooms that better meet the needs of their students. Stay tuned!


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