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Dear Student,

We hope this email finds you safe and sound!

As part of the awareness campaign, we would like to bring to your attention the following developments and updates related to the prevention of COVID-19 spread.


Distance Learning Extended

In accordance with the Ministry of Education and KHDA announcements, Distance Learning initiative will continue until end of Academic Year in all schools and universities across the UAE.

Curfew Extended

In accordance with the Ministry of Health, the nation-wide disinfection program in the UAE will be extended for an additional week. The authorities urge people to stay home from 8 PM to 6 AM each day until April 5 and move permits required in case of any movement during this time. All roads during this time will be monitored by the police and road radars.

Violations & Penalties

The UAE authorities introduced list of penalties ranging from Dh 500 to Dh 50,000 for violating precautionary measures to curb the spread of coronavirus

Important list of violations and penalties

  • Dh 50,000 fine for patients who refuse the compulsory hospitalization or continue to ingest prescribed medications despite being notified.
  • Dh 50,000 fine for non-compliers with:
    • Home quarantine instructions as per home quarantine guides.
    • Quarantine instructions at private facilities determined by competent authorities and refusing to take the test again as per health procedures.
  • Dh 2,000 fine for people leaving their homes during non-curfew hours except for performing vital jobs or buying necessities.
  • Dh 3,000 fine for people leaving their homes during announced curfew times, except for necessary matters like buying food, medicine, health emergencies and for vital sectors exempted during curfew.
  • Dh 1,000 fine for motorists who exceed the limit of passengers in their cars [more than three].
  • Dh 1,000 fine for failing to wear medical masks in indoor places, by those suffering from chronic diseases, and people showing cold and flu symptoms or failing to maintain social distancing.
  • Dh 10,000 fine will be issued for whoever invites or organizes gatherings, meetings, private and public celebrations. Participants will also be fined Dh 5,000.

You may refer to complete list of fines in UAE for violation of coronavirus restrictions for details. Please ensure to regularly check updated information via official resources.

Commercial Outlets Closure Extended

All shops, except outlets such as grocery stores, supermarkets, cooperative societies, and pharmacies that provide for the basic needs of residents, have to remain closed until April 8. Please check official sources for updates.

Al Ras Area Closure

In line with the precautionary measures to ensure the highest levels of Health & Safety, RTA announces the closure of three stations on metro green line; Al Ras, Palm Deira and Baniyas Square as well as the bus routes to the area for two weeks starting from Tuesday 31st of March. Non-residents are not allowed to enter the area until April 14.


Wearing Masks

The Ministry of Interior said wearing masks is a necessity only for individuals suffering from chronic diseases and those with flu symptoms rather than other segments of society, according to World Health Organisation guidelines.

"Regardless of the timings during which people can be penalised for violating precautionary measures, it's important that people protect their health first, the health of their neighbours and the community at large through following the precautionary measures in place," said the official.

Sports Outdoors

Dubai Police’s Al Ameen Service urged people who practice outdoor sports to stay at home and do their exercise indoors to prevent spread of COVID-19. In accordance with the new resolution following the cabinet decision on list of sanctions, people who leave their homes for unnecessary reasons will be fined with a Dh 2,000 fine.

Do’s & Don’ts in the Supermarket

Check the list of 12 essential things you need to know before you head out for your next round of grocery shopping.

Beware of Rumours and Fake News

A lot of information circulating online some of which is inaccurate or even fake. Please stay calm and ensure to verify the content you receive as well as avoid spreading any unverified information. Spreading rumours or fake information even unintentionally is punishable by law and may results in fines and imprisonment.




Official Sources

Please ensure to regularly check updates from the official government channels such as:

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DMCC is monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely and continues to take regular guidance from the Dubai Health Authority and UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention.

For the latest updates and guidance please visit here.


REMINDER: Protecting Yourself and Others @ MU

MODUL Dubai reminds and requests any member of MODUL who has recently travelled outside the UAE or has been in touch with a suspected or confirmed individual with COVID-19 to inform MODUL Dubai administration instantly to receive further guidance via the following address:
Considering the circumstances and in line with the Government directives, for all holders of the valid UAE residence visas and valid insurances, it is strongly recommended to avoid any travel unless it is urgently required.
In light with the KHDA directives, any students or staff members of MODUL University Dubai must declare their recent and upcoming travel arrangements and shall upon return to the UAE from ANY country self-isolate for the period of 14 calendar days irrespective of whether they have any symptoms or not.


COVID-19 Treatment in the UAE

In all cases of novel coronavirus in the UAE, patients are treated free of charge. Please ensure to cross check that your insurance cards (or e-cards) are valid and accurate. Please refer to the Dubai Health Authority website and official channels to learn more about it.

For any medical support or inquiry, please contact:



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