Your Virtual Club is ready for action


Dear Valued Member,

The arrival of spring has always had its own unmistakable vibe that’s full of optimism and energy. We want to be active, gather our families and seize every moment. We want to feel strong, lean and refreshed, and see our kids happy and healthy. That vibe is different this spring. Everything hurts. Optimism is replaced by uncertainty, and we all might have what is described as nervous energy.

But we’ll get through this and we’ll do it together. For that we are certain. Nervous energy will be replaced by anticipation and excitement. The club will re-open. Silence will become laughter, and we’ll all be back doing what we love.

In order for that to happen, we are asking for your support. You have already shown yourself to be a part of a remarkable community. Ever since the announcement to temporarily close, we have been overwhelmed by your support, as well as your genuine concern for the Club’s dedicated teammates. They’re extremely important to us, a second family, and many of you have told us they are like an extension of your own family. In our best efforts for the club to withstand this challenge, continue covering associates’ benefits and get them back doing what they do better than anyone else, we propose three options for your membership during the temporary closure.

    1. Continue to pay full monthly dues, no action is needed 
    2.  Pay 50% of monthly dues, click here
    3. Unable to support at this time, pay $0 dues , click here

Please click the link above to select your choice by no later than March 31, 2020 at 12PM MDT and we will complete your request.

If you have other questions about your membership or would like to change your status, Member FAQs are now available at

Since you’re currently unable to enjoy your membership within our four walls, we’re excited we can offer you a Virtual Club at to keep your routine on the reg. We can all use a little push, and we have a small, specialized team that will continue to expand your online workouts.

Thank you again for being a part of our community, and here’s to having many more years together. We will return to a new normal, where you can have a kick-in-the-pants session with your favorite trainer, and then kick back in the club as we all experience that familiar vibe of optimism and energy.


Your Team at  Wellbridge Athletic Clubs

Be Safe. Stay Strong.

Note of further inquiry: Due to the small team and number of inquiries at this time, we are unable to provide the type of service you expect via phone call. Therefore, we ask that further questions or concerns be emailed to In advance, thank you for your continued patience as we do our best to serve each of those individual questions