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Special Update: Coronavirus and Your Financial Health



Don't Panic - You're Not Alone!  NFCC Presents a Coronavirus Financial Toolkit

The NFCC has compiled a comprehensive list of articles and resources along with tips and recommendations to help you be financially prepared throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Because there is so much uncertainty about the financial future of businesses, industries, and individuals, it is important that you have access to the useful advice contained in our toolkit.
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bigstock-Street-Sign-The-Direction-Way-329385001-768x432Unemployment Insurance can help tide over Covid-19 related to wage loss

Even though the hazardous effect of Covid-19 has subsided, its repercussions have stepped up tremendous pressure on the economic condition worldwide. Bankrupt companies, bleak balance sheets and the shattering confidence of the investors are not at all welcoming signs for the present job market. People, who have already lost their jobs or have had their work hours reduced due to the disastrous impact of Coronavirus, should seek unemployment insurance which can be a possible option to pull them through such difficult times.

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bigstock-Concerned-Black-Couple-Read-Bi-287581978-768x512Three Conversations You Should Have Right Now regarding Coronavirus and Your Finances

The rapid spread of the latest coronavirus, COVID-19 has already impacted the financial lives of millions of American households and shows no signs of diminishing any time soon. Here are three conversations you should have right now in order to minimize the financial impact of the COVID-19 crisis.


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Handling unexpected expenses without credit

Handling unexpected expenses without proper credit planning can give jitters, especially when there are financial constraints or lack of financial planning. Unexpected expenses can arise at any point of time and can make our plans go awry, but there are certain ways to avoid last moment panic.

  • Having an emergency/rainy day fund
  • Taking help of family members in dire times
  • Opting for credit counseling/Guidance
  • Mortgaging valuables
  • Selling of your valuables via garage or backyard sale to earn extra income
  • Become a ride-sharing driver to earn side income.

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