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Barrett Ersek
Barrett Ersek
CEO, Holganix
"For the root growth alone," states Cory Troyer, superintendent of the renowned Indiana golf course, Otter Creek. "Holganix is worth every penny." Why is this superintendent so adamant about his experience with Holganix? Watch the video above to find out.
Webinar: Q&A with Eagle Creek Golf and Country Club's Jimmy Alston

In last month's Q&A with Paul Latshaw, several attendees mentioned that they would love to see a warm turf superintendent take the stand for questions. Well your wish is our command!

Jimmy Alston is the superintendent for Eagle Creek Golf and Country Club in Naples, Florida. Why does Jimmy Alston use Holganix? What has his experience been with Holganix products? Register for our upcoming webinar entitled: Let's Talk Golf with Jimmy Alston.

This webinar is a Q&A session and is scheduled for May 14 at 2:00pm EST. Holganix Representative, Rob Dillinger will be leading the discussion with Jimmy but be sure to bring some questions of your own! Click the Read More button to register for this webinar.

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Eagle Creek Golf and Country Club
"Maintaining healthy turf on fairways is one of the biggest benefits I've seen while using Holganix." - Barrington Golf Club

There's a reason why Barrington Golf Club uses Holganix on their fairways. A lot of golf course superintendents are starting to incorporate Holganix on their fairway program. Holganix can do a lot to help nurture fairways and ultimately prevents turf problems later on down the road. One of the key benefits of using Holganix on fairways is that:

Holganix reduces thatch, and therefore increases water infiltration into the soil. This lessens the amount of water held on the surface of the turf, ultimately robbing from spores a place to develop. 
Learn more about using Holganix on fairways and the superintendents that are raving about it!
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We want to make sure we are doing everything within our power to make your Holganix experience a good one! Please take 3 minutes and click the Read More button below to take our short survey. We will read every response. Thank you for everything you do! Your time and help is appreciated. 

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Meet your User Experience Coordinator: Chris Bittles

Meet Chris Bittles, your User Experience Coordinator. One of Chris' first jobs was working as a caddie on Aronomink Golf Club as a kid and he hasn't quite left the course since.

Chris will be reaching out periodically to check in on your progress with Holganix and to make sure you are seeing the results you desire. If you have any questions about your Holganix program or just want to talk turf, feel free to reach out. 


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Holganix University provides tons of free educational materials for you to sink your teeth into. You'll find eBooks, reports, studies and webinars among other fun goodies. 

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