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Updated Airline Refund Processing

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Some Airlines Suspend GDS Refunds

As a follow up to yesterday's announcement that Lufthansa has suspended GDS refund processing, additional carriers, including AirFrance, KLM, El Al, Tap, and Westjet, are also inhibiting GDS refund processing due to high demand.

As refunds far outpace new sales for most airlines, some carriers have informed ARC that they will manage refunds directly. In order to process refund requests outside the GDS, CTM is contacting impacted airlines directly, following the individual airline’s instructions for refunds. 

For additional information please contact your CTM team.

We take every care to ensure information is correct at time of release, but occasions resulting from the advice are the responsibility of the individual and/or your company. CTM will only notify you according to the CTM alert escalation process and providing travel was issued through CTM. CTM does not accept responsibility for the consequences of advice taken or not taken. 

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