As quickly as we communicate to you, the landscape changes. We are doing everything we can to keep protect our staff and clients.
Concannon Miller

To Our Clients,

As quickly as we communicate to you, the landscape changes. The must important message is that we are doing everything we can to keep protect our staff and clients, and to abide by all the laws.

New Information:

Our PA office, under state-mandated closure, is now a 100% remote workforce. While our office in FL remains open, many on our team are working remotely; we will follow state guidelines as they evolve. The good news: We are working at full capacity because of the technology we have in place and the measures we have taken over the last weeks to ensure work continuity.

NOTE: The FEDERAL filing deadline has now been moved to 7/15, as well as the deadline for payments due. However, not all states have issued those deadline extensions. We will be working to get all we can completed as if no filing deadline has not changed. Find guidance on state filing guidance here.

If you have already sent your information, thank you. We are processing it. If you have not sent your information, keep reading.

Client Action Item: There are three easy ways to send us your information electronically, listed below in order of preference, with links, for speed and efficiency. There will be no document drop-offs to our offices. Instructions for USPS are also below.

  1. Client Portal found on Concannon Miller’s website  – This is the BEST way to send us your information.  It requires that you have an existing account set up.  If you do not have an account, the next best option is below.
  2. ShareFile – This is very simple to use.
    • Simply click on the UPLOAD button at the bottom of the email signature of any Concannon Miller team email. It will take you to the secure ShareFile website.
    • Click on the “Recipient” drop-down menu and select the Concannon Miller employee to whom you want to send your documents.
    • Upload documents by browsing your computer for the files or dragging and dropping them on to the screen.
  3. Fax your documents  – Use this option only if the above options are not feasible. 
    • Fax us your documents to 610-465-9770.
    • NOTE: This is a different number than our normal published fax numbers.
    • Use the “fine” resolution setting (either 400 dpi or 600 dpi) on your fax machine so we can clearly read the information on your forms.
  4. The final way to send us your documents by US Mail. The addresses are at the bottom of this email.

Action Item: We STRONGLY advise that you speak with your Shareholder on what payment schedule works best for your individual case.

Our team is monitoring regulations and guidance as they release them. We will keep you regularly updated.

Our most important wish is that you, your family, employees and all those in your circle stay healthy as we move forward in this new environment. We are all in it together.

- Your Concannon Miller Team

Our addresses:

Pennsylvania Office:

1525 Valley Center Parkway

Suite 300

Bethlehem, PA 18017

Florida Office:

9800 Fourth Street North

Suite 300

St. Petersburg, FL 33702

How much we know is important. How much we care is everything.