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The Poole Research Perspective
A Monthly Newsletter on Research in Poole College
PCOM Think and Do
F&A Update
Faculty who received a portion of returned facilities and administrative (F&A) funds from their grants have until June 1, 2020 to spend those funds. F&A funds are subject to state-appropriated funding rules and therefore must be expended prior to June 30. The university retroactively placed an assessment on the F&A funds of each campus unit to support a portion of a 60 million dollar project to address the aging underground electrical distribution system on Main Campus. Poole College is covering the amount assessed on the college and not mandating a reduction in F&A returned to faculty. However, if you received an F&A return and know that you do not need your full funding prior to June 1, please follow up with Brian Thomas as the college can use any unspent F&A towards other expenses as appropriate.
Office of Research and Innovation Guidance for Research Continuity
The NC State Office of Research and Innovation has created a web page providing guidance on maintaining research continuity during the COVID-19 outbreak.
Deadline Extended for RISF Internal Grant Program
Due to the unprecedented situation surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak the Spring 2020 deadline for Research and Innovation Seed Funding (RISF) proposals has been extended through Thursday, April 9, 2020, at 11:59 p.m. Additionally some of the 2020 submission requirements have been relaxed. Additional details are available through the NC State Research Development Office.
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Deadline Extended for the FRPD Internal Grant Program
Due to the unprecedented situation surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak the deadline for Faculty Research and Professional Development (FRPD) proposals has been extended through Monday, May 4, 2020, at 11:59 p.m. Additionally PCOM will not issue additional FRPD program guidelines. Those interested in submitting a proposal should follow the guidelines provided on the Research Development Office website and use the proposal templates posted there.
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Spotlight on Sponsored Research: David Henard, CLEAR Technology Transfer and Metric Building
David Henard was awarded $91,902 from the NC Department of Transportation to conduct research in support of the Department's knowledge management program known as CLEAR - Communicate Lessons, Exchange Advice, Record. The CLEAR program is designed to enhance communication among NCDOT units, create feedback loops and sharing of institutional knowledge, create a portal where lessons learned can be submitted and vetted by subject matter experts, and establish a mechanism where lessons learned can be easily accessed. Henard's research will enable the Department to understand the habits and cultural shifts necessary for a successful launch, develop training and implementation material, and develop measures of success.
4/9: RISF Internal Grant proposals due by 5 p.m. via InfoReady
5/4: FRPD proposals due to Brian Thomas by midnight


Dennis Kristensen, University College London, Econometrics Research Seminar–CANCELLED
Mikkel Plagborg-Moller, Princeton, Econometrics Research Seminar–CANCELLED