Dear valued customer:

As the response to COVID-19 grows and you update your vendor protocol with internal stakeholders, we are here to support you. Health care industry representatives/vendors can be critical to the operation of your facilities but can potentially pose a risk.

New: COVID-19 Credential

If your facility is in a heavily affected area and you have decided to eliminate all non-employee or vendor representatives’ access, we have created a new COVID-19 credential that can be implemented within your symplr account.

Implementing this credential will red-light all representatives who are associated with your facility.  Their red-light status will prohibit their ability to check-in and print a badge.  Please reach out to to implement this credential.

Best Practice Recommendations

symplr suggests considering the following options to help you manage your vendor population:

  • Create a COVID-19 policy
  • Email your vendor population to inform them about any changes you’ve made due to COVID-19
  • Add the COVID-19 credential outlined above
  • Activate a daily acknowledgement for vendors, which requires them to attest to a set of standards upon every check-in at your facility

symplr can provide you with templates for the policy, email, credential, and daily acknowledgement so that you can quickly make necessary changes and provide relevant information to your vendor community.

In addition to aligning with the CDC’s recommendations for screening for signs of COVID-19, these tactics can help spread awareness of the importance of self-reporting symptoms for your vendor population and minimize risk to your patients and staff. 

If you’d like to activate any of these options in your symplr account, please reach out to our support team at

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