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How Do You Pick Just One?

When it comes to your countertops they get a lot of use and you see them everyday so you’ve got to pick the right one! Here we give you all the details on today’s trending countertops, including pricing, durability and maintenance tips.

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10 Tips for the New Gardener

Use these ten great tips to lay a solid gardening foundation from a professional landscape designer.


Are you a Pinterest Baker or a Traditionalist?

Some prefer bright green confections while others want to bake traditional holiday favorites. Check out these St. Patrick’s Day dessert recipes from around the web and choose your favorite to try!


Personalizing Your Rental Space

Tour a rental home that shows, “you can have a beautiful place no matter where you live or what regulations you have to work around.” You have to see this creative masterpiece!


The Perfect Additions to Your Farmhouse Kitchen

A few key pieces can really bring a space to life and these gorgeous farmhouse kitchen decor items would translate beautifully into any cottage.

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