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Singular is a cloud-native platform that can be setup in minutes, with frictionless integration and compatibility to most cloud and on-premise production services. Check out our blog to learn 5 ways Singular can help you work remotely.

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Latest User Showcase

Racing Post

Racing Post

On March 10th, Racing Post, a major horse racing
information platform in the UK, aired with new custom Singular overlays.

Tokyo Marathon

Tokyo Marathon

Fuji TV built custom Singular overlays with live data
integration for their digital coverage of the 2020 Tokyo Marathon on March 1st.

Solborg Folk High School

Solborg Folk High School

Solborg Folk High School's Stream Team went live on
Twitch on March 6th to raise charity money for Cambodia.

User Showcase

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NAB Was Cancelled But Your Singular Demos Aren't

If you scheduled a demo for NAB, you can retain that slot for a remote demo.
If you haven't signed up yet, you still can!

N(ot)AB 2020 | Schedule Remote Demo
April 20th - 24nd

Things We've Found Useful

During these uncertain times, our team has been finding ways to stay healthy and engaged. We wanted to share some of our favorites to hopefully help you!

  • Wellness - Downdog - 5 different exercise apps that can be accessed via app or browser. Free until May 1st.
  • Education - Duolingo - Free app for learning a new language.
  • Kids Entertainment - David Walliams Elevenses - A daily (Mon-Fri) audio reading of a new kids short story. Released daily at 11am UK time, this is a great one for entertaining kids for 15-20 minutes or even adults who need a distraction!
  • Graphic Design - Canva - A LOT of quick, various templates to give you inspiration. Free to register and use.
  • Digital Visualization Tool - Wireframe - Free platform to create wireframes and diagrams.

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