Ed Elements: April 2015 Newsletter

April 2015 Newsletter

On Our Minds:

1 Month 'Til The PL Summit!

We’ve secured some phenomenal keynote speakers for the PL Summit this May, including Jaime Casap, Google Global Education Evangelist; Adam Pisoni, Co-Founder of Yammer and CVP of Business Transformation at Microsoft; and Anthony Kim, Founder of Education Elements. At the office we know Anthony as the guy who is constantly talking about triathlons and data visualization, but he is also an avid cook, skier, and writer. He recently published a special edition preface to Blended and this May will release his Personalized Learning Playbook, a guide to help district leaders create a compelling vision for personalized learning. This playbook is based on Anthony’s work with more than 200 schools and districts to design and launch personalized learning. Through this experience, Anthony has found that there is a deep need for district leadership to share an evocative vision that inspires staff to resist the magnetic pull of the status quo. Through real-world examples and witty anecdotes, the Playbook outlines effective methods that district leaders can use to communicate with and inspire their teams to transform factory-model school systems.

Attendees at the PL Summit will receive an exclusive, early copy of the Personalized Learning Playbook. Anthony will also lead an interactive workshop at the PL Summit to dive deeper into key points from the Playbook. Participants will leave this workshop, like all workshops at our PL Summit with actionable plans, real-world examples, and a set of tools.

The Personalized Learning Summit is sold out but you can follow it on twitter (#plsummit) and join our EE Google+ Personalized Learning Community to see key takeaways from sessions.


New Paper on Personalized Learning and Competency

In May 2014, CompetencyWorks brought together twenty-three technical assistance providers, including two members of the Educaiton Elements team,  to examine their catalytic role in implementing next generation learning models, share each other’s knowledge and expertise about blended learning and competency education, and discuss next steps to move the field forward with a focus on equity and quality. This paper is the result of their efforts. Check it out!


Conference Round-Up

Over the last few months we have been busy meeting both districts and edtech partners all across the country. We had a great happy hour at the Title 1 Conference in Salt Lake City with MyOn, two really fun dinners at AASA in San Diego - one with Imagine Learning and one with Compass Learning and both a Lunch and Learn and happy hour with DreamBox Learning at ASCD.  Our CEO and Founder, Anthony Kim, took the stage at SXSWEdu and debated Brian Greenberg, moderated by Heather Staker, and from the tweets it looked like the liveliest session at what is already a pretty rowdy conference.  Feel like you have been missing out?  Check out the list of where we are going in the column in the right - we are always happy to meet up!

Get Featured on the Digital Promise Website

Digital Promise is crowdsourcing best practices from companies that develop ed-tech products using research. They will publish all submissions on their website, and they will highlight the best examples of research-based product development to help all stakeholders use research to improve student outcomes and better understand learners. The deadline for submissions is April 17.

Product Spotlight :

You already know that Highlight helps students access multiple content providers with single sign-on, manage their daily tasks and monitor and plan their progress and grades. But what you don’t know, if you haven’t used it, is how great it looks and how every detail has been inspired by how we know students and teachers work. Because in the 2015-16 school year, Highlight’s look and feel is getting a big boost!

Highlight is responsive and uses Google's forward looking material design philosophy as well as a mobile inspired interaction approach. Color, font-icons and z-index layering are all used consciously and consistently to guide the user through the experience. Information is presented in clear, simple and easily recognizable graphics and symbols, to help students, parents and teachers easily visualize a students performance and progress.

Teacher dashboard

The teacher dashboard surfaces pertinent and relevant information about students progress, performance and daily tasks to help teachers monitor students work and prioritize where to help out. A card style UI is used to represent classes, tasks or groupings so that Highlight can be flexible and teachers can quickly take an action  to complete a task (such as emailing the group of students who didn't log into their assignment yet). The teacher dashboard also provides useful visualizations to monitor each class's progress, attendance and grades. Color coding is used consistently throughout the student and teacher experience to represent grades, progress and attendance. Highlight consolidates and simplifies information for teachers.

Want to see it in action?  Sign up for a demo here.  Can’t wait to hear more about new features?  Our June newsletter will show you a few new things for back to school.



Partner Spotlight


Compass Learning is a learning acceleration company, providing software solutionsfor blended learning, prevention/intervention, creditrecovery, and inquiry and project-based learning for Kindergarten through 12th grade. Compass Learning solutions identify current performance levels, diagnose skill and concept gaps, and draw upon literally thousands of digital learning activities to prescribe individualized learning paths for each and every student. Learning paths and activities contain Common Core and state standards-aligned direct instruction, supported practice, independent practice, and formative assessment. Instructional content is presented through a blend of highly engaging, grade-appropriate full animation, video, and digital interactivity to deliver the right instruction to the right student at precisely the right time. 

Effective embedded error correction and answer-specific feedback within digital learning activities teaches students to uncover the “whys” of correct and incorrect answers and provides re-teaching as necessary. Our full integration with major nationally normed assessments enhances educators’ ability to make real-time, data-driven instructional decisions. Plus, our technology-enhanced question types increase students’ digital facility and help educators prepare students for major digitally delivered assessments. 

We help districts and schools implement Compass Learning solutions with a full range of professional development options. Implementation training is included in most solution purchases, and expanded professional development opportunities feature relevant, research-based, practical strategies for the optimal integration of digital and teacher-directed instruction to personalize learning. Live technical support is available from 7AM to 7PM Central Time with less than a 60-second wait.

Compass Learning partners with educators to deliver greater student progress faster.  Districts including Piedmont City Schools and Horry County Schools use Compass Learning through Highlight, Education Elements' Personalized Learning Platform.


If a Picture is Worth a 1000 Words, What's a Video?

Watch the Video

Hear what district leaders from Newark, Middletown and Horry County have to say about personalized learning!



Places to Meet Up

Connect with us! 

  • ASU+GSV Summit, Scottsdale, AZ: 4/6-4/8: Hear Anthony speak!
  • Carolina Blends, Myrtle Beach, SC: 4/15-4/17: Hear Anthony's Keynote
  • NewSchools Summit, Burlingame, CA May 6: Come say hi to Anthony and Ben
  • Our own Personalized Learning Summit, San Jose, CA: 5/7-5/8 - Sold out - hope you can join us next year!
  • ISTE: Philadelphia, PA June 28-July 1: Jane and Amy will present on how to support blended learning teachers along with Amy Creeden and Dana Guardarramas from Middletown

Want to meet up at an event? Email amy@edelements.com and tell us where you will be! 


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