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Modern Homes Built with Old Fashioned In Mind

These freshly built Michigan cottages will inspire you with their vintage charm. Apply these curb appeal lessons to your cottage. Who says new builds have to be modern?!

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Picking the Perfect Palette

Authentic style never goes out of fashion. Interior designer, Rachel Shingleton, shares her expertise on choosing the perfect color palette for your cottage.


Learning What Works Over Time

Experienced gardeners know that a mature garden design comes together over time. Learn tips and tricks from this garden retreat, 35 years in the making.


Whipping Up a Vintage Dessert with Modern Tools

Pull out that electric mixer from the back of the cupboard and try your hand at this lovely vintage dessert recipe. Top this boiled sponge cake with icing or enjoy this quick orange marmalade recipe.


Buttercream & Green, Try this Lovely Color Combo

Inspired by these fun new paint shades from Dixie Belle Paints, do some shopping in this gorgeous spring palette.

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