A knowledge base tool for Assistive technology users.

Fix-KB is a knowledge base of support solutions. This is a utility open to the public but mainly focuses on supporting students that have received equipment and assistive technology through the DSA scheme.

The articles we publish seek to help students, whom have a varying level of IT experience, using step by step instructions for them to carry out the fixes that we would otherwise provide over the telephone. We cover a variety of support issues from hardware to software, printers to headsets. 

Our knowledge base covers fixes, easy to follow instructions and tips for every day and speciality equipment and software. You can find solutions by using our search function or the categories side bar.

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Things that indicate designers have no clue about accessibility

  • Poor colour contrast
  • Inaccessible tech stack
  • No (or only automated) close captioning
  • No accessibility statement
  • You hit tab button and a skip to content link doesn’t come up

Read more about web accessibility and what to consider when you are designing your digital content.

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Accessibility: why you should get on board

Accessibility isn’t just about permanent or even temporary disabilities. Have you ever tried accessing a website on a train?

You might experience situational impairments. Your movement can be restricted. The train vibrates making it difficult to click on links or operate small buttons. Background noise and interruptions can affect hearing and concentration. Sunlight, particularly when the sun is low in spring and autumn, can make things difficult to read.

You can’t stop many of these things from happening, but good accessible design can help reduce the effects. How do you embed accessibility?

Head of Accessibility and Senior Accessibility Specialist at the Government Digital Service giving speech