February 2020

SMPTE DCP Goes Global

by Michael Goldman

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Are we approaching a day when electronic delivery of digital cinema products will be truly global and seamless everywhere? Cathy Huis in ‘t veld-Esser chuckles at the question.

“The studios would love that,” says Huis in ‘t veld-Esser, longtime CTO of European digital cinema logistics company Gofilex. “If they could have a button on their desk and release their new movie to all the cinemas in the world in a common standard so we don’t have any operational problems in the cinemas by pressing that button—that would be their dream. All cinemas would be able to ingest the package and play it out without any problems. Some countries have gotten really far into this, but for the whole world? That remains a big wish.” 

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SMPTE 2020 Call For Papers- Deadline March 10


We’re so excited about the proposals we’ve received -- the lineup for #SMPTE2020 is going to be exciting! We wanted to remind you that the Phase 1 Call for Papers deadline is quickly approaching so now is the time to submit.

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