A healthy diet starts with healthy information


Getting the right information is critical, as these days you have to navigate more new diet fads, nutritional theories, and alternative food products than ever before.  

Everybody’s health journey is different, so this month we break down the science to help you make your own diet decisions. 


Fasting to lose weight – is it safe?


Intermittent fasting is a popular new dieting approach based not on reducing calories but on timing your intake. Is it a dangerous fad? We look beyond the hype to assess whether fasting is scientifically sound, and what risks and side effects it might bring.

Is fasting for me?

That coffee craving? It’s in your DNA.


Not everybody has the same response to caffeine. For some, it’s a healthy stimulant. For others, it’s a real cardiovascular risk. Some can drink without addiction, others face real cravings. Why is your craving not like others? The answer is in your genes.

Is coffee my ally?

Are fake meat products a healthy diet option?


The health consequences of eating red meat are well known, but if you’re thinking about switching out your burger patties for plant-based alternatives, it might not be as straightforward as you think. Take a look at the latest research with our dietitian.

Get the nutritional facts

Am I overweight or obese?

Not just words – find out what the difference between excess weight and obesity can mean for you.

Calculate your risks

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