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5 Tips for a Gardening Beauty Boost

Spring is on the way and getting the garden of your dreams to come to fruition takes inspiration and planning. We have 5 tips to help you spruce for spring.


Functional Farmhouse Kitchen Vibes

This modern Maryland farmhouse kitchen renovation is a must see. The homeowners upgraded their 1970s kitchen from dark and dingy to bright and functional.


What is a Cottage Anyway?

Author Katie Hutchison takes us on a deep dive into the history of the cottage and what takes these homes into the realm of current day modernity.


Can a Small Space Still Feel Grand?

Snug spaces can still feel chic and luxurious if you pay attention to scale, edit out the clutter and splurge on the cozy details. We’ll show you how!


Magnolia Home + Loloi Rugs are at it AGAIN!

Joanna Gaines and her eye for lovely home decor has recently added to her collection with Loloi Rugs. Take a gander through all the new additions for spring!

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