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I recently read an article in The Cancer Letter about declining cancer mortality rates. Great news obviously, but this was left out of the headline: an estimated 606,520 Americans will die from cancer in 2020. Maybe that number shouldn’t have surprised me? But it did. And it’s a good reminder that we still have a long way to go. There’s still a lot we can do to make sure our patients receive the best standard of care, and to ensure we’re helping recruit patients for clinical trials to develop even better therapies.

Wondering what’s on Flatiron’s clinical roadmap? Watch the “Enhancing Clinical Workflows” highlight reel.

One product update I want to highlight is the continued work we’ve done to CareSpace, which now gives patients a more complete view of lab results and gives clinicians visibility into the labs patients can see.

Our Patient Experience team is continuing to enhance CareSpace, OncoEMR®’s patient portal, to support practice operations and improve patients’ access to information. The latest CareSpace update provides patients with a more complete set of lab results in an intuitive layout. Patients can toggle between viewing labs from a certain day, all time, or historical trends of a specific lab type. In OncoEMR®, look for the CareSpace icon on the Documents page to quickly see which labs your patients can access in CareSpace. We’ve heard from a lot of you that this data transparency is important. I hope you find it helpful.

Next up for CareSpace on our 2020 roadmap is an enhancement that’s been highly requested by clinicians: the ability to better control the flow of information to patients. You’ll soon be able to hold sensitive results until you’ve met with a patient to discuss them.

CareSpace Labs interface

Looking for more on CMMI’s proposed successor to the Oncology Care Model? We’ve created an Oncology Care First Resource Hub.

Here you’ll find resources such as blog posts and webinars that break down the OCF model and its implications for practices.

Though the OCF model is getting a lot of attention these days, there’s a lot more going on with the topic of cost and quality.

For instance, takeaways from the Community Oncology Alliance’s State of the Union earlier this month highlight growing opportunities for community oncology practices to partner directly with employers to cut out costly middlemen. Employers are starting to recognize that entities like Pharmacy Benefits Managers are driving up the cost of care. This is creating a unique opportunity for providers, including community oncology practices, to start working more directly with employers to keep costs down. Florida Cancer Specialists, for example, started to do this in 2019 with initiatives like Florida Oncology Connections. We expect more to come from COA on employer engagement opportunities in the upcoming months, which will be worth keeping an eye on.

In other news, the American Cancer Society and Flatiron have launched the Real-World Data Impact Award, giving more researchers the funding and ability to leverage real-world data.

ACS will oversee the grant selection, and Flatiron will provide a research grant and access to our de-identified oncology datasets. These competitive awards will allow researchers to study important topics that can’t necessarily be addressed by clinical trials.

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