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ZOLL Care Exchange

Manual data entry, scanning documents, faxing them, and searching for vital patient information is labor-intensive and can result in inaccuracies. ZOLL Care Exchange enables elimination of these time-consuming processes while improving patient follow-up and clinical outcomes. You can exchange data with all your pre-hospital partners, regardless of which ePCR product or EMR they use.

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  • Receive patient data from all your EMS partners via one channel.
  • Attach the EMS Run Report to the Patient Chart automatically.
  • Improve clinical outcomes while minimizing compliance risk.
  • Save time and money by eliminating manual data entry, scanning and searching.

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Get accurate, actionable self-pay-related data to your billers in real time, and uncover lost revenue. With our automated data gathering process, you can consolidate multiple data streams into a filtered, integrated feed. The result? More revenue, fewer write-offs, less returned mail, more streamlined processes, and lower costs.

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  • Explore every coverage option and payor source for self-pay patients.
  • Obtain complete and accurate patient information instantly.
  • Solve your insurance verification and eligibility issues for every patient and payor.
  • Maximize internal collections, and prevent low-hanging fruit from being outsourced to collectors.

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