Ed Elements: March 2015 Newsletter

March 2015 Newsletter

On Our Minds:

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Our new online course can help you navigate!

We have done it hundreds of times for districts across the country - now let us teach you how to do it on your own!  Selecting the right digital content for your needs is challenging, but our course makes it much easier.  Read our recent blog post on why we believe in “layering digital content” rather than trying to find the one perfect product.  In this course we will provide you with a framework, a process, and a set of tools to support the discovery and selection of digital content solutions for your district.  Broken into three books, this course is designed to meet the needs of district leaders, instructional leaders, and personalized learning project managers.  At the end of the course you will be able to curate a digital content portfolio that will lead to higher student achievement.  Click here to find out more!

#GirlDay - Did you miss it?

Last Thurday the female engineers of Education Elements celebrated Girl Day with a webinar designed to inspire girls in engineering - and inspire it did!  We have received thousands of hits to the amazing website they created in their spare time and tons of emails from girls and teachers not just across the country but across the world including Australia, Africa and India!  Want to download the recording and slides?  Check it out here!

Our districts are making headlines!

Piedmont, Alabama has moved from rolling out technology to implementing blended learning and competency models in their middle school and they are seeing results!  Check out the article here.

Partner Spotlight:

Differentiated Instruction. Accelerated Learning.

Achieve3000® has the world’s most advanced and only patented online model of differentiated instruction available today. Whether preparing for the rigor of new high-stakes assessments or building a cross-curricular path to college and career readiness, Achieve3000 is your partner for building the roadmap to the School of the Future(TM)…today.

Developing the literacy capacities of all your learners through anytime, anywhere learning has never been easier. From Intervention to ELL and from science and social studies to Adult Education, Achieve helps learners of every age and ability fulfill their educational and lifetime goals. Achieve3000 differentiates lessons at 12 levels of English and 7 levels of Spanish to ensure all learners engage with nonfiction, informational text at their individual Lexile® reading levels. Our research-based, proven model accelerates reading gains, boosts mastery of state and Common Core Standards and performance on high-stakes tests, and prepares all learners for college and career—and beyond.  

Achieve3000 provides solutions for:

  • Assessments—prepare students for the rigor of high stakes assessments today—and every day.

  • Intervention—boost reading gains across all tiers of the RtI model.

  • ELL—provide targeted scaffolding for ELLs to open access to learning.

  • Literacy in the Content-Areas—develop science and social studies knowledge and literacy skills simultaneously.

  • Blended Learning—see why blended learning leaders put Achieve3000 at the core of instruction.

  • Mobile Learning—extend the school day with anytime, anywhere learning.

  • Home Edition—enlist parents as key partners to improve student literacy.

  • NWEA(TM) MAP(R) Informed Learning Paths—combine the power of Lexile® and RIT scores for deeper differentiated instruction.

  • Summer—build literacy gains all summer long with highly focused differentiated instruction.

Leading districts, such as Horry County Schools, Lexington 1, District Of Columbia Public Schools, Gestalt Community Schools, Enlarged City School District of Middletown, and many more use Achieve 3000 integrated with Highlight, our personalized learning platfom.

To see Achieve 3000 in action, please visit http://ww2.achieve3000.com/overview


If a Picture is Worth a 1000 Words, What's a Video?

Watch the Video

Hear what district leaders from Newark, Middletown and Horry County have to say about personalized learning!


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