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January 2020

Study shows improved outcomes in MDD using HAM-D6 scale

Published in BMC Psychiatry, Dunlop et al. evaluated whether the 6-item Hamilton Depression Rating Scale (HAM-D6) showed significant differences in outcomes for patients with major depressive disorder (MDD) who received the GeneSight test versus treatment as usual (TAU).

Using data from the Genomics Used to Improve DEpression Decisions (GUIDED) randomized controlled trial, Dunlop et al. found:

  • HAM-D6 scale noted statistically significant improvements for all three clinical endpoints at week 8 when comparing the GeneSight group to TAU
    • symptoms (Δ=4.4%, p=0.023)
    • response (Δ=7.0%, p=0.004)
    • remission (Δ=4.6%, p=0.031)

Figure 1. Patients who received the GeneSight test had significantly improved clinical outcomes by week 8 (HAM-D6)

Dunlop Figure (002)
  • Patients taking medications predicted to have gene-drug interactions at baseline showed even greater improvement in symptoms, response, and remission at week 8 when using HAM-D6

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Note: Not all patients who receive the GeneSight Psychotropic test will experience improvements in symptoms, achieve response, or achieve remission.

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