A new year and new hope for Alzheimer’s


For Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, we’re taking a look at a promising new study offering hope for better and earlier diagnosis. And as the year kicks off, we know it might be easier for you to make resolutions than it is to keep them. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, or kick the cigarettes for good, we’ve gathered some of the latest scientific research to help you understand and face your challenges.


Does poor sleep lead to weight gain?


Right now your feeds are probably full of weight loss tips, from diets to exercise to mysterious superfoods and supplements. But the latest science has surprising things to say about the effect of something much simpler: your quality of sleep.

The effects of poor sleep

Is vaping the right way to quit smoking?


If you’re trying to quit cigarettes, you’ve probably got questions about whether e-cigarettes are still a safe path to take. We asked our specialists to look at what’s really going on inside that vape pen, and the latest on the associated health scares.

Vaping: friend or foe?

Diagnosing Alzheimer’s with a blood test: dream or reality?


Our scientists are excited about a new study proposing a simple blood test that would be highly accurate in diagnosing early forms of Alzheimer’s disease. With better diagnosis, in the long run, comes hope for better treatment, and ultimately a cure.

Learn about the new discovery

10 Most Read Articles of 2019

The most popular: Eating oranges to cure a cold? When should you worry about abdominal pain? What is a lumbar sprain?

Top 10

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