Datree Weekly Newsletter

Weekly Newsletter

Welcome to 2020 folks, and enjoy our first issue of the year 🥳


Expanding on Infrastucture-as-Code

Wyatt Walter recently worked on a project that expanded his view of what he considers “infrastructure” and gives an example using GitHub and Terraform on how it would look like.

Delivering on an architecture strategy

Pete Hodgson shares how to achieve a sustainable balance between feature delivery work and foundational architectural work.

Coding without complexity

Ellen Chisa talks about complexity in software and the need to remove it as much as possible. From QCon conference.

How to undo (almost) anything with git

This tutorial from GitHub got quite a few comments on HN.

Checkov: static code analysis tool for infra-as-code

This tool scans cloud infrastructure provisioned using Terraform and detects security and compliance misconfigurations.

StrictYAML: type-safe YAML parser

It parses and validates a restricted subset of the YAML specification.

Datree's Weekly Newsletter is a weekly roundup of interesting and useful Git, DevOps, and architecture articles and tutorials from around the Web.

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