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Hi You,

Happy Winter from the Climate Action Collaborative!

Often times the winter is not the season we like to think about using alternative modes of transportation other than our warm and cozy cars, but this winter the Collaborative would like to challenge you all to think creatively about how you can reduce your carbon footprint from traveling around the Valley. Here's some tips to get you started.


ECO Transit Ski Bus#1 Take the bus to the hill

Check out the bus times / stops that will get you there when the chairs start spinning, in one of our recent sustainability tips.


car-idling-1-1#2 Reduce your engine start up time

Cut back your morning idle time by trying out a windshield cover. They keep the snow and frost of your windshield and help you get going without the idle time in the morning.


carpool#3 Carpool with a friend

The best way to cut emissions is to leave your car at home! This season cut back your gas bill and find a friend you can carpool with to work. You can save up to 38 lbs of carbon every day with the choice to leave your car behind.




It's time to stop Idling

Why? There's several reasons why, here's a few to get you started

It's illegal. 
Colorado State Law states that "A person driving or in charge of an unlocked motor vehicle shall not permit it to stand unattended without first stopping the engine, locking the ignition, removing the key from the ignition, and effectively setting the brake thereon." (Colorado State Statues, page 485) In effect, you can't leave your car on and empty, it's against the law!


It's bad for the environment and your health.
One minute of idling produces more carbon monoxide than the smoke from three packs of cigarettes. Throughout the Denver Metro area, idling is responsible for an estimated 400,000 tons of CO2 emissions every year (EnginesOff CO). Removing that equivalent of CO2 out of the atmosphere would be the same as removing 84,926 cars off the road every year.

There are easy solutions to reduce your idle time.
There are new products available to cover your windshield overnight so you don't have to spend 15 min idling your engine to defrost your window in the morning. It's simple and it's inexpensive and it will save you from wasting fuel and time as you get moving in the morning. 


Transit Hub ScreenShot

Transit Hub for ECO Transit is Coming Soon!

Look out for the launch of a one-stop-shop portal for public transportation routes and timetables into a single, interactive, user-focused trip planning assistant

What else does ECO have coming in 2020?

Real-time bus data
⇒Mobile fare payment 


Actively Green 16x20 (2)Eagle River Water & Sanitation District Wins the Actively Green Carbon Reduction Award

This business is not only Actively Green Certified, but has worked to reduce their carbon footprint in several other areas.

Renewable Energy + Energy Efficiency Electrifying Transportation  Waste Diversion
√ 100% Renewable Electricity
√ Participate in Holy Cross Energy’s Peak Demand Rebate pilot program, saving 10 metric tons of CO2 
√ One team saved 32.5 metric tons of CO2 equivalent through energy efficiency.
√ Installing 2 EV charging stations in addition to their 5 existing stations, powering 3 company EVs, which have saved ~5 metric tons of CO2 equivalent in 2019 √ Implemented compost in 6 of their 7 facilities throughout the valley, saving ~6.5 metric tons of CO2 equivalent at just one of these facilities in 2019.




LED Swaps in 2019 

We've had a big year of swapping out old light bulbs through the LED Swap Program. Check out the impact for 2019!

Bulbs Swapped | 2,143
Dollars Saved on Energy Bills | $10,495.41
Pounds of CO2 Saved | 115,607.82 lbs

Gallons of Gasoline Consumed

gas saved

Homes Annual Energy Usage


Pounds of Coal Burned

5,901 gallons 6.1 homes 57,780 lbs

Check out our calendar of LED Swaps for 2020 here!


EnergySmart 2019 Report Out

EnergySmart at Walking Mountains is helping Eagle Valley residents save money through energy efficiency in their homes and businesses. Check out the impact they've had in 2019 below! 

Annual Energy Savings for Locals $2,903,030
Metric Tons of CO2 Reduced 1,415.86 tons
Equivalent carbon savings as,
301 cars off the road annually
163 homes annual energy use

Want to get your home energy assessment?

Schedule Your Assessment

Radon_In_Your_HomeJanuary is Radon Action Month!

Free radon test kits are available at the following locations:

Pharmacy inside Shaw Cancer Center
322 Beard Creek Road in Edwards

Eagle County Environmental Health Department
550 Broadway in Eagle

Walking Mountains Science Center
318 Walking Mountains Lane in Avon


Bike Share Expansion Coming in 2020

Bike Share expansion funding has been approved with eyes on expanding the Avon Zagster System into Edwards. 

It's easy to sign up and it costs almost nothing! Find out more information here!


Zero Waste Events in Eagle County

Have you volunteered at a zero waste event? If not, we've got some opportunities for you!

Join Walking Mountains Science Center and Collaborative partners in making the Burton US Open a zero waste event! There are many zero waste shifts available, including daytime, nighttime, and weekend shifts.
All zero waste shifts are paid! Visit the link below to see all zero waste shifts available, and reach out to Nina Waysdorf with any questions. 
February 24-March 1, 2020

PuRE(ly) Renewable

This year our community made moves to 100% renewable electricity

Through Holy Cross Energy our community has committed dollars and cents to go green through renewable electricity. Participation in the PuRE program has increased by 300% in 2019.

Have you gone 100% renewable electricity? Check out how much it will cost you!

Go 100% Renewable Today!



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