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5 Foods To Eat When You're Sick 

Sick woman eating soup

The holiday season can be one of the most wonderful times of the year—and also one of the times that we get sick the most. We do our best to avoid getting a cold or flu but unfortunately, it’s not always possible to avoid those pesky winter illnesses.

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The Importance of Stretching For Healthy Feet 

Man stretching his foot

It’s hard to believe that so many people overlook the importance of keeping their feet healthy. After all, they are the base of our body that make it possible for us to stand, exercise, and even walk the dog!

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Pregnant? 3 Reasons Why You Need the TDaP Vaccine

Pregnant woman getting Tdap vaccine 

Taking proper health precautions such as going to regular check-ups and receiving vaccines is part of any good preventative health regimen. Though taking these measures is even more important when you are pregnant in order to protect your baby.

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The Healthy Way to Wear High Heels

Woman in yellow high heels

High heels can be the perfect accessory that pulls an outfit together for work, date night, or a special occasion. While they might look fantastic and give you that extra boost, we all know heels are not the healthiest (or most comfortable!) footwear for our feet.

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