Ed Elements' February 2015 Newsletter

February 2015 Newsletter

On Our Minds:

The Importance of Taking Time to Build Capacity

We say that every district is different and it is true. In fact, every time our amazing consultants engage with a district the project, and the outcomes, look different. But there are certain things that are consistent across all of our projects- one of which is that we do our best work when we enable districts to do some of the work on their own. Our consulting team has always held the perspective that building capacity so that districts can own the day-to-day change is our priority. So what’s different and worth reporting now?

In the past two years, as we’ve worked with larger districts taking on large scale reform, we have built out several new lines of work to build capacity at the district level over the course of two to three years, complementing our school level work. Change is stickier when multiple stakeholders see the vision, remove obstacles for those doing the work, and showcase and share what’s working. Facilitating a district to build their vision, align priorities and initiatives, as well as develop a support structure, builds an effective breeding ground in which school leaders can seed ideas of innovation around teaching and learning. Throughout the course of a personalized learning roll-out in a district, Education Elements facilitates communities of practice, data-digging, walkthroughs and reflection sessions with key district and school level practitioners.  We scaffold these sessions and ask leaders (when ready) to own these practices. We ask our teachers to personalize learning for their students and hold ourselves to the same high bar as we personalize learning for districts.

Want to hear more about our approach to supporting districts? Email Jane Bryson, our Director of Impact, at jane@edelements.com


Don't forget: EE Winter Webinar Series 2015 

Our seasonal webinar series is back! Two down and five more to go.  Join us for webinars on topics ranging from how to select digital content to designing instructional models. No matter where you are on your personalized learning journey, there is a webinar (or several!) for you. Can't make the webinars, but don't want to miss out? Sign up, and we’ll send you the slides.

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Product Spotlight:

After several rounds of prototyping and user testing with blended learning practitioners, we are almost ready to launch our beta release of Insights!  During February and March teachers in Wyoming and New York will test this new feature.  Insights tells you how students are performing across multiple digital content providers.  As a teacher, Insights saves you from having to login to several different digital content providers to answer questions like:  What did my students do today?  Who is stuck?  Who has low scores on digital activities? Who is using digital content and for how long?  The goal is to give you important information at a glance, and if you want to drill down and look at reports in the providers, it is still easy to do through our single-sign-on buttons. Check out our recent blog post:  Less Interpreting Data & More Acting On It?  Yes Please!, to learn about how Insights can help you or the teachers you support.  Or, email justin@edelements.com with additional questions or the opportunity to give feedback.




Partner Spotlight:

Curriculet has emerged as one of the most powerful digital reading platform in the K12 market by transforming how schools deliver personalized and blended literacy instruction across all subjects while making reading truly engaging for all students.

Curriculet transforms every text your students read whether it be a full length novel, an article from USA Today, or teacher-created materials like Science labs into interactive reading experiences with standards-based in-text assessments built right into the reading flow. By leveraging thousands of curriculet-powered texts, teachers can personalize reading instruction across the curriculum, support the needs of all students, across all subjects, and on ALL devices.  (A curriculet is a digital layer of questions, quizzes and rich media, placed on top of any text. As students read a text, questions, quizzes and annotations- material that would normally be placed in worksheets- pop out of the text, so students are instructed and assessed as they read… at just the right moment.)

Curriculet's on-demand school library delivers thousands of the most popular books from publishers like Penguin Random House and HarperCollins powered by standards-aligned curriculets with no set-up costs. Now every book in your library supports deeper, closer reading capturing and measuring every independent reading moment. Our book rental model ensures that schools never pay for a book unless it is read by a student resulting in significant savings for schools and districts.

In 2015-2016 Curriculet will offer an exclusive daily news product. Students and teachers will have access to as many as 8 relevant and timely news articles a day with CCSS in-text assessments built right in.

By leveraging the curriculet-powered on demand library, free public domain content, and daily news, schools generate an incredibly comprehensive reading profile for each student. Curriculet’s Reading Insight product captures all those reading moments and delivers dynamic actionable data reports that track student mastery of reading standards throughout the year.


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