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I’d like to thank you for your feedback on our initial reactions to the Oncology Care First (OCF) model in last month’s newsletter. To do a deeper dive, we will be hosting a webinar to break down the OCF with our partners from Tuple Health in February. Make sure to register below!


As we head into the new year, I am sure many of you are thinking about ways to accelerate your organization’s mission in 2020. A key lever to unlocking organizational potential that can often be overlooked or deprioritized is increasing employee engagement. I hope you’ll read some tips below on how to drive engagement at your practice.

2020 resolutions: driving employee engagement

Carol Jensen, Chief People Officer at Flatiron

What is engagement?

Employee engagement is different than the more traditional measure of employee satisfaction. Satisfaction is made up of things like benefits, pay, vacation time, and job title. Engagement is more about the intangibles ー a sense of pride, commitment, and passion that drives employees to go above and beyond what’s expected of them because they love where they work and what they’re doing.


Why does engagement matter?

Engagement is especially important for oncology practices, where staff can have a huge impact on cancer patients and their loved ones. A Gallup study of over 1.4 million employees found that engaged employees increase productivity and profitability. The study also revealed that organizations with higher employee engagement saw significantly lower turnover. Replacing just one employee can cost from one-half to twice the employee's annual salary, so turnover can have a huge impact on your practice’s financial success.


How can I improve engagement?

Build relationships and teams

Create an environment of belonging. Help new employees assimilate onto teams by assigning them a buddy, offering them an onboarding plan, and understanding their preferences. Recognize and celebrate accomplishments.


Practice giving and receiving feedback

Establish norms for feedback by making sure your feedback is actionable, receivable, and balanced. Ask for permission before giving feedback, such as, “Do you have five minutes to chat about some feedback?” Then, present observable behavior and share the “why” it matters. Lastly, make sure you provide a concrete suggestion for next time and give the person a chance to respond.


Connect with employees and understand their goals

Meet with your team regularly to stay on top of any challenges they may be facing. Understand their career goals and help them outline ways to achieve them so you become a partner in their success.


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UPCOMING webinar

The Oncology Care First Model, Simplified

Join Basit Chaudhry, MD, PhD from Tuple Health and Ryan Holleran from Flatiron to learn about the newly proposed Oncology Care First model, what it means for your practice, and what to consider when applying.

Friday, February 7
12:00PM ET

OncoBilling Tips & Tricks

Attach PDF EOBs to manual insurance payments

You can attach a PDF of an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) to manually entered insurance payments, making it easy to post manual payments within OncoBilling®.

HCC documentation: Get full value for your time

Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCC) are a set of codes that the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) uses to determine reimbursements for Medicare Advantage plans based on a combination of a patient’s demographics and their disease (think ICD-10 codes + age/gender). Here at Flatiron, we understand the opportunity for you to leverage these codes within OncoEMR® and we are actively researching how to make this more efficient.

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