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NIEIR economic data 2018/19



NIEIR economic data

We have just completed our annual NIEIR economic data update to our economy.id, adding the full 2018/19 economic information of your area. You can now access data for each year between 2000 and 2019.

The type of questions you can answer with these data are:

  • How is your economy performing?
  • How has it changed since the 2016 Census?
  • What type of industries is growing or declining?
  • Is employment in our area increasing or decreasing? And how does it compare to the state and national trend?

Open your economic profile to see updated data for:

  • GRP 2018/19
  • Employment 2018/19
  • Industry value added 2018/19
  • Industry performance (2-digit) 2018/19
  • Trade (exports and imports) 2018/19
  • Worker productivity 2018/19
  • Jobs to worker ratio 2018/19

and more


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NIEIR economic data

Check our economic profiles - economy.id to see the full update.


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