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We couldn't help ourselves - we spent the last week or so going super deep on configuration patterns. The result is the three deep dive articles below on how to use Configuration Templates, Unchangeable Configuration Patterns, and the ConfigMap pattern. Read it, and let us know what you think by replying to this email!
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The configuration template pattern

The Configuration Template Pattern

Injecting external configuration data to containerized application is a crucial requirement. You can seldom find an application that does not accept (or require) customization that alters its behavior. There are many examples to demonstrate this.

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Unchangeable Configuration Pattern

When there is a need to inject external data to a Kubernetes Pod, we use environment variables, ConfigMaps, and Secrets. Each method has its own use-case scenario and best practice. However, you sometimes require that no changes should be made to the application configuration once the application is deployed. Any configuration change should be through a new version update. In such a scenario, you need the configuration to be tightly coupled with the application.


From the K8s Community

Kubernetes Emerges as Standard for Container Management

"It’s clear from the survey results that containers have become a key pillar of modern IT strategy with 85% of respondents running containers in production," said Peter Smails, CMO, Rancher Labs. "Additionally, 91% of respondents running more than one cluster combined with a healthy mix of on-premises and cloud-based deployments indicates multi-cluster/multi-cloud is emerging as a deployment strategy of choice."

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Report: Kubernetes Use on the Rise

A recent report based on analysis of 1.5 billion containers running in IT environments monitored by Datadog finds about 45% of organizations supported by the provider of IT monitoring services are now running Kubernetes in some form. That percentage represents a 10-point gain in Kubernetes adoption over the previous 12 months, the analysis finds.


Kublr’s Docker and Kubernetes Adoption Survey

While we continue to gather responses, we decided to share a few snapshots of the data from our Docker and Kubernetes Adoption Survey. We have gathered a total of 375 responses at our booth at two conferences (KubeCon North America and DevOpsCon Munich), an email blast, as well as from website visitors.

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What’s it like knee-deep in Kubernetes? One word: DevSecOps

Kubernetes is the enabler behind a lot of cutting-edge information technology. Multicloud — a term we hear similarly often these days — may not even be feasible without it. But to manifest a new wave of higher-level, Kubernetes-driven computing, the industry really has to get this security thing figured out.

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