Cutting back on screen time and seasonal travel tips

This holiday season will hopefully give you time to step away from your work screens and spend more quality time with those you love. These days, however, it’s not so easy to steer clear of distractions when you’re still carrying another screen with you everywhere you go. 
This month our experts and collaborators are here to help you unplug properly, as well as looking at what it means for our health when we’re so constantly exposed to the stimulation and artificial light these devices bring. They will also provide advice on how to stay healthy while travelling.

What is all this screen time doing to my brain?

Given that 74% of Canadians stay online for at least three to four hours a day, the effects on our health, from anxiety and stress through to long-term sleep problems, are pronounced. But what’s really going on in our brains including hormone production and neurotransmitter activity as we’re connecting on the social networks and liking and sharing? 
We asked our experts to take a look at what internet addiction might mean for our health, and think about the opportunity presented by the holiday season to do things differently.

How do we unplug?

Getting away from screens that surround us during the holidays is easier said than done. We’ve got tips.

Escape the Screen

Is my smartphone making my sleep worse?

Constant exposure to our smartphone screens isn’t just stressful for our days – the science is beginning to show that it also has serious effects on how well we sleep. 
This month we consider a number of recent studies which show that exposure to smartphone screens before bedtime can have real impacts on the quality and length of sleep. And since we know it’s not always realistic to just turn off our phones, we’ve also got some tips and tricks to help the situation.

Travel with your CPAP Device

Your sleep apnea should not hinder your movements during the holidays. Read these tips before travelling.

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Travel tips

Unplugging on the beach? Don’t get sick!

Holiday season is also travel time for a lot of us. But nobody wants their relaxation and sunshine ruined by easily avoidable sickness. 
To help you stay well, and avoid long-term health consequences wherever you’re travelling, we asked our experts for some simple tips you can follow before setting out; what to be aware of once you arrive at your destination; and even how to contend with those post-travel blues when it’s time for you to get back to reality. 

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