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Census 2018 data: Languages Spoken


Census 2018 data: Religion


Census 2018 data: Smoking Behaviour



The 2018 Census data continues to flow through our Community Profile tool. The latest updates are Languages Spoken, Religion and Smoking Behaviour. As with our previous update, these datasets have not yet been released through StatsNZ platforms.

Languages Spoken

This data shows the proportion of the population that speaks and understands a language other than English. It is indicative of how culturally diverse a population is and the degree to which different ethnic groups and nationalities are retaining their language. Language statistics also provide an indicator for the monitoring of language education programs.

Languages Spoken has been given a data quality rating of "high".


Religion data reveals the major concentrations of religions as well as revealing the proportion of people with no religious affiliation. This provides an indicator of cultural identity and ethnicity when observed in conjunction with other key variables. 

Religion has been given a data quality rating of "high".

Smoking Behaviour

Cigarette smoking is the major cause of preventable disease in New Zealand. Data on smoking prevalence is used by those working in the health and community sectors for a variety of activities.

Stats NZ has given Smoking Behaviour data for the 2018 Census a quality rating of "moderate". This indicates there may be some minor issues looking at the comparisons to 2013 and 2006. Read more here.


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