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Register For The 2020 Education Elements Summit!

Sparking Innovation In Leadership & Learning

Join us in Austin for the 2020 Education Elements Summit! The Education Elements Summit is the premier event for district leaders who are transforming leadership, teams, and teaching & learning.

The theme for the summit is "Sparking Innovation in Leadership & Learning". So join us from May 13th to May 15th for 2+ days of dynamic sessions, insightful keynotes, and tours of some of the most innovative companies in the area. Registration has officially opened. So get your ticket, and get ready to meet us in Texas!

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Leadership Is A Verb In Paris Special School District, TN

While warm, cozy spaces can help generate positivity and openness for learning to happen as we mentioned in our recent blog post, New Environment Sparks New Learning, it’s the leader that continues to model learning who changes the mindsets and habits of others. Norma Gerrell, Director of Schools, in Paris Special School District (TN) is shifting the practices alongside her district leaders. 

Kelly Article image ee nl 2019So often we see leaders spend hours of time in professional learning with an unclear direction of how they will go back and apply their learning to others. Not for Norma. She came to our Nashville NSR Leadership Institute and made a commitment to bring back responsive meeting practices to her team. She has prioritized check-ins and check-outs with her district leaders and she’s beginning to see how it’s shifting the tone of meetings. While much attention has been given to the opening of meetings and their link to peak moments, her team is working to refine their habit of closing with a check-out. She knows without it, her and her organization are likely to stay stagnant and not responsive. Even before Norma felt like she was an “expert,” she took the new knowledge acquired at the leadership institute and passed it along. She’s realizing that she’s learning more by modeling it for others.


How Do You Say ‘Personalized Learning’ in Mandarin? Ask a Student in Cave Creek!

In Cave Creek Unified School District (CCUSD), just outside of Scottsdale, Arizona, personalized learning is taking a multi-lingual approach through the district’s unique language-immersion program, which starts as early as preschool. What started out as a small program in one school fifteen years ago has since grown into an integral part of the district’s DNA. Three of the district’s elementary schools specialize in a particular language — Spanish, French, and Chinese — and those language learning experiences carry through to students’ middle and high school careers. At the elementary school level, students spend half of their instructional time immersed in a targeted language and the other half in English. Alternatively, students may attend a world language class 2-3 times a week to lay a foundation for students to love learning a new language.

Cave Creek has been a champion for personalized learning for several years, and this addition of foreign language-immersion contributes to the district’s commitment to preparing learners for success beyond graduation. Teachers and school leaders in CCUSD are taking a thoughtful and creative approach to using the Core Four to enhance language instruction — specifically through data-driven decisions and targeted instruction. 

Interested in learning more about the district’s work? Click here.




From: What We Learn About Building Team Habits from Ripples and Basketball Movies
By Gabrielle Hewitt & Jill Thompson

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"The start of a new school year often brings with it discussions about new vision statements, improvement plans, yearlong initiatives and sweeping changes in the name of increasing student success. Yet in our work with school districts across the country, we’ve learned that it’s the smaller, individual leadership practices and team habits that lead to larger systems changes..."

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How Are You Engaging The Community While Planning For Change?

The process of strategic planning is more important than the plan itself. Having active engagement from all stakeholders is crucial in order to create a plan to respond to the needs of the community. Join us for a webinar co-hosted by Education Elements and SchermCo as they discuss strategies to effectively engage the community while planning for change. 


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Join Us At Learning Forward!

Heading to Learning Forward in a few days? If so, join the Ed Elements team for a session called: Build Consistency and Confidence Throughout Your PD Program. Learn how to prepare your facilitators to consistently develop engaging and effective professional learning for adult learners. Practice using planning and coaching tools, with time to customize them for use with your district team.

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Read & Review The New Team Habits!


Have you read The New Team Habits yet? For those that order the book and write an Amazon review, we will send you a special gift this holiday season! Send a note letting us know you ordered the book by hitting reply and attaching your receipt.



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LIFTEd: Leadership Insights For Transforming Education is a Facebook community dedicated to changemakers in K-12 education. Join the group's book club where we are engaging with the latest books in K-12. 

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