Education Elements recently walked through classrooms in Evanston, Wyoming where personalized learning will reach more than 3,000 students by 2017. The superintendent, Dr. James Bailey, has set the guiding light for teachers and leaders regarding the goals of personalized learning. He asked teachers to help students take more ownership over their learning and we already see this happening with students in K-12.

December 2014 Newsletter

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Ed Elements Schools and Districts are Worth a Visit!

Tom Vander Ark recently published a list of 25 districts and 100 schools to visit…and Education Elements is proud to partner with many of them. Check out the 25 districts here and the 100 schools here.  

Big congrats to Education Elements' partner schools: Quitman ES in Newark, Bella Romero in Greeley-Evans, James Madison Middle School in Oakland, Whittemore Park in Horry County, Piedmont Middle School, Career Path High School, Randle Highlands in DCPS, Rocketship Education, Aspire Eres, Aspire Titan, KIPP Empower LA, and Uinta County School District...

And EE partner districts: Reynoldsburg, OH, Mentor Public Schools, OH, Enlarged City School District of Middletown, NY, Lebanon School District, PA, Piedmont City Schools, AL, Houston Independent School District, TX, Horry County Schools and DC Public Schools!


Hat tip to the hard-working, wonderful RUSD PL Design Teams!

Good luck to the five personalized learning schools in Riverside USD preparing to pitch their innovative school models to interested funders this month! Riverside was one of only six districts nationwide to win a Gates Foundation Next Generation Systems Initiative Grant, which allows their schools to individually apply to become Next Gen schools. Five elementary and middle schools created design teams last spring to rethink how they educate and support their students. Education Elements has had the privilege of leading the teams through design workshops to refine and support their models.  Each of the schools has done extensive work with their community, involving students and families in the creation of their designs, and has already piloted aspects of their designs to inform their future plans. Congratulations Gage, Hawthorne, Liberty, Sierra, and Uni on your exciting and innovative plans! Riverside students are already benefiting from the wonderful work you’ve done!


iNACOL#14: Isn’t Palm Springs Supposed to Be Relaxing?

A big thank you to all of you who dropped by the booth or attended our events! We hope that you got as much out of these interactions as we did. You. Are. Inspiring. In case you missed out on the epicness that was iNACOL 2014, you can download the graphicmap, capturing the journeys of 4 districts: Uinta, Horry, Middletown and DCPS, from our pre-conference session, Points in Time in a Personalized Learning Implementation: Lessons Learned and Next Steps for Big Thinkers. Also check out where iNACOL attendees placed themselves in their journey and see what everyone is most proud of by downloading the attendee journey map here..  Cheers to super talented artist, Sophia TBD from Graphic Footprints for interviewing so many people!  Last, but certainly not least, don’t miss out on the photos from our Blended book party celebrating the release of Michael Horn and Heather Staker’s new book,Blended:Using Disruptive Innovation to Improve Schools. With over 200 revelers, we can officially say we know how to have a good time. Party on, keep inspiring, and see you next year!


Our New Partner, Lexington School District One!  

We are excited to begin work with this pioneering South Carolina District. Lexington One has had 1:1 iPads in their middle and high schools for the past few years, and is ready to take the next instructional step by going blended in their Math and ELA classes at four pilot middle schools. We are so excited to be part of this journey with them!


Product Spotlight

Educators in Wyoming, Alabama and New York have been helping the Education Elements team improve the design of a new feature that will save teachers time when it comes to data analysis and action.  Our new Insights feature presents data in simple to understand phrases, saving teachers the time it normally takes to log into multiple providers to review charts, graphs and tables in order to get to the takeaways that lead to instructional action.  

Insights answers questions like:  What did my students work on today?  How did they perform?  Which students had low scores?  Which students can I congratulate for making progress?

If you are interested in taking a sneak peek at Insights and providing feedback on the design, send a note to

Note: This concept is under development and is subject to change.




Partner Spotlight

Accelerate Learning/STEMscopes

Developed by Accelerate Learning and Rice University, STEMscopes is a digital science solution for pre-K through 12th grade students offering three core curriculum programs, STEMscopes State Edition, STEMscopes NGSS, and STEMscopes Early Explorer. STEMscopes was incubated in the classroom and developed by over 200 teachers, science experts, and science professors. Each curriculum is supported by STEMcoach, a free STEM community that allows teachers to share best practices and lessons while learning from experts in the field.

Aligned to state standards, STEMscopes State Edition takes the 5E model to the next level, adding intervention and acceleration resources. Each module contains over 30 resources, including hands-on investigations, a variety of assessments, cross-curricular connections, and multimedia games and videos.

At the root of STEMscopes NGSS is the IDEA model, an innovative, pedagogical model written to each Disciplinary Core Idea with unique modules that shift students from a hook and “do” activity to Common Core connections and rigorous claim-evidence-reasoning assessments.

Aligned to Head Start & NGSS Pre-K guidelines, STEMscopes Early Explorer serves the youngest STEM learners a centers-based model. Each of the program’s 12 modules features fiction and non-fiction big books to support literacy development and sustained inquiry activities and hands-on kits to power differentiation.

Online assignability, teacher analytics, mobile apps, and parent connections are available to support students and teachers both inside and outside the classroom.

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Videos to Watch

Superintendents Share Their Journey: Superintendents and district leaders from Newark Public Schools (New Jersey), Middletown (New York), and Horry County Schools (South Carolina) discuss why they decided to implement blended learning in their schools, what the benefits have been for students and teachers, and the early results.  

Watch this inspirational message about district transformation.

Personalized Learning in the Classroom and Beyond: Learn how Personalized Learning benefits the individual students, the class as a whole, the teacher, and even the administrators.    

Watch this short, informative piece about Personalized Learning.


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