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Tourism visitor data 2018/19


Non-residential building approvals FYTD 2019/20 September



Tourism visitor data

Tourism is an important part of the economy. Tourism Research Australia (TRA) run annual visitor surveys to measure the size and composition of the tourism market in each area.

The type of questions you can answer with these data are:
  • How long do people stay in the area?
  • Do we mainly get day trippers, or are people increasingly staying longer?
  • Is our accommodation geared for the type of tourists we get?
  • Are the numbers of visitors to our area increasing or decreasing? And how does it compare to the national trend?
  • Why do people visit the area? And do local tourists visit for different reasons to international tourists?

Building approvals data

Building approvals are a leading indicator of the general level of residential development, economic activity, employment and investment.

Find this information

Tourism visitor data

In our economic profiles - economy.id, look under  "Tourism and hospitality". 

Building approvals data

On our Community Profiles - profile.id- you can find this data under "Post -Census updates". In our economic profiles - economy.id, look under  "Economic indicators". 


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