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This week we bring you the best articles we've seen around the K8s space on security. From container and application security, to the more esoteric SOC2 compliance, we hope you get what you're looking for if security on K8s is your thing.

Over at our blog, this week we began to scratch the security itch with an in depth article on Kubernetes Secrets 101. Check it out below, and hit reply on this email to let us know what you think!

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Take the Smart Approach to Container Security, With Orchestration Tools

Although containers present many advantages over traditional VM architecture, they also come with a number of inherent risks – some of which are elevated beyond those of a conventional VM environment. It's crucial to be aware of Docker's risks.

Kubernetes Configuration Management 101

Kubernetes Configuration Management 101

Wikipedia defines Configuration Management as “a systems engineering process for establishing and maintaining consistency of a product's performance, functional, and physical attributes with its requirements, design, and operational information throughout its life.”

Configuration Management has two main aspects:

  1. Bringing up environments quickly from one or more templates.
  2. Being able to replicate those environments easily by changing a few parameters.


From the Community

How Containers Are Changing Ownership Of Application Security

In an earlier piece, I claimed that the increasing use of containers and cloud-native tools for enterprise applications introduces disruption to existing security models, in four main ways:

Breaking an application down into microservices means there is less central control over the content and update frequency of each part;

Packaging into a container happens within the developer workflow;


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SOC 2 Compliance in Container and Kubernetes Environments

SOC (System and Organization Controls) 2 is a set of compliance requirements that applies to companies that store, process, or transmit customer data. A broad range of companies, including SaaS providers, may need to comply with SOC 2 to be competitive in the market and keep customer data secure.


How container adoption affects container security

Since Docker was introduced, there has been a tremendous evolution in containers and the containerization ecosystem. Consider, for example, the emergence of container-focused cloud services, the proliferation of orchestration tools to tackle usage at scale, and the explosion of use of container runtimes and container-aware orchestration tools.

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