Ameer is so social! He communicates more to his therapist and his parents with complete sentences and is working on different ways to greet others.

Malachi has learned over 15 signs to ask for his favorite things and is pairing vocals with his signs.  He even waves 'bye' to his dad each morning.

Braxton has improved in both his conversational and independent skills. He is learning to recycle and to shop for one item while at Kroger!​


Dec. 11
Columbus Holiday Party

Dec. 12:
Staff Make It Happen Day
All Centers Closed

Dec. 18 Greenwood Holiday Party

Dec. 19 WL Holiday Party

Dec. 22-26:  Winter Break  All Centers Closed



Jan. 15:  JCASG Parent Share 6:30 - 8:30 
at Mt Auburn United Methodist Church. 

Jan 21: Toxins and Autism Webinar
Pamela Lein, PhD  

Jan. 22: 5:30 pm WL Center:  Essential Oils for Autism, Presented by Cassie Bushman

Registered Dietitian Staci Small is offering Office Hours for CAC families.  Appointments will be one hour for $110. Flyer coming soon!


Screen_Shot_2014-11-06_at_2.33.37_PMI have two children and have been married to Jack for 31 wonderful years. I have a Boston Terrier named Sugar. Something special going on my life right now is that I have lost 19 pounds. I am feeling wonderful with my new diet and exercise routine. My goal is to lose 100 pounds. I have an excellent support team! In my free time, I spend time with my husband. We love to go to the movies, and we enjoy taking short weekend trips together. My favorite recipes can be found at this website.



Article:  “Like it or not, the day our kids were diagnosed, we all became advocates.”  



WrightsLaw is a leading website about special education law and advocacy, with thousands of articles, cases, and free resources about special education, law, and advocacy training.




IN*Source provides Indiana families with information and training regarding special education. 



Gift Buying for Children with Special Needs, from ASK : 



Recognizing Faces at the Holidays  A blog post by Sheila Carney


Free Counseling Available to Autism Families  Sponsored by Johnson County Autism Support Group




   57 Apple Cider Wassail recipes 



Congratulations to Brayden, Drew, Karen, Nick and Oliver who graduated from our West Lafayette center this month! Also, congratulations to Thomas who graduated from our Greenwood center! We're proud of how far you've come!





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