had very limited sounds when he first started treatment at Cornerstone. Now he has started using vocals to mand for preferred items. We're so proud of him!


is asking for and labeling items within his environment. He also loves to repeat the word, "AMAZING!," when his therapists get excited. We think he's pretty amazing too!


has recently gained compliance with an eating program that therapists have been working on for three months. This is monumental for him. Great job!

What a fun and busy month! We have been bubbling with excitement over our new Columbus location opening on June 23 & the Layden's Lineup event raising over $2,000 for the Cornerstone Autism Foundation. We have a lot of great events coming up for you to enjoy. Please send your RSVPs to Sheila Carney at



  • 6/23 Cornerstone's New Columbus Center Grand Opening!
  • 6/26, 6-7 p.m. Greenwood – Music Therapist Lindsey Wright of Opportunities for Positive Growth will present on Music Therapy, open to the public



  • 7/1, 2-3 p.m. Music Therapy with Lindsey Wright
  • 7/19, 10 a.m. Lights Up Sound Down/Sensory Friendly Films, Fire and Rescue @ Eastside 9 Theatre Lafayette
  • 7/21, 6-7 p.m. West Lafayette – Becky Cash, Nutritionist/Autism Mom, "Starting a Supplement Program for Your Child with Autism"
Meet Maggie West
      I got my degree in Health and Human Services with a minor in Psychology at Purdue University. I am getting married on June 21, 2014 to Brian who has been absolutely wonderful to me, especially as I have been starting school again. I started online classes to advance my career in ABA in January of 2014 at Florida Institute of Technology.
     My favorite part of the job is watching the kids have it "click" in their own minds.  They truly are intelligent and I never want them to think any different.  I also love being able to know the difference we are making not just at Cornerstone, but also for the families at home and in public. That's where it really counts.
      I have the joy of having a stepdaughter who has autism and it has been so much fun seeing her grow into her personality as well as seeing her ability to communicate and interact with peers. In my free time, I love to spend time with friends, run or be active, be outside, and if I am honest....sleep!
      My favorite recipe is a Butternut Squash and Chicken Stew. It is a fall GFCF meal, and it is a crockpot recipe! What could be better?! You can substitute the white wine for chicken broth and you will be golden. 

Meet Kelsey Endres

      I have both my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Social Work from universities in Minnesota, which is where I was born and raised. My husband Adam and I moved to Columbus, Indiana in 2012 when Adam got a job as an engineer with Cummins. We will celebrate our two-year anniversary in September. We also have a 3 year old dog, a corgi mix named Hugo.
      I love spending time with family and friends, and we try to get back to Minnesota to visit as much as we can. I really enjoy reading, scrapbooking, running, doing a little shopping, and watching whole seasons of TV shows on Netflix! We also bought a house about a year ago, and are still busy doing projects to make it our own.
      Before moving to Indiana, I had about a year of ABA experience in the in-home setting. I will be transferring to the Columbus center once it opens. What I love most about my job is seeing all of the kiddos make progress. It is incredibly rewarding to be a part of those milestones; whether they are big or small.
      My favorite healthy snack, especially in the summer, is frozen grapes. They are so refreshing! I also love bananas cut into chunks, dipped in chocolate (I use dark chocolate), and then freeze them. They help satisfy my sweet tooth!


Educate & Advocate

Resources with sensory activities, games and healthy snacks can be very helpful. Check out some fun, creative ideas we've found and share them with your friends and family! Click on the photos to go to the full article.


1. Activities  – Outdoor activities for summer
-Repurposed garden stakes
-Gardening bath
-Sprouting Seed Activity
-Painting a spring tree
-Re-grow celery


2. Snacks – 90 Healthy Summer On-the-go snacks 
-Creamy coconut avocado smoothie
-Real fruit snacks from Real Food RN
-No bake granola bars
-Grain-free granola
-Homemade fig newtons


3. Fun Games – 33 Games under $10 that will keep your kids busy  
-Outdoor tape board game
-Chalk dress-up dolls
-Exploding paint bags
-Stomp paintings
-Sponge tower


Social Story: Pool Rules

Social stories are effective in teaching social norms, routines and expectations. This story can help your child learn the rules of swim time this summer in a simple, fun way!

Click to Download: Pool_Safety_Rules PDF

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