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Census 2018 data: Māori Descent


Census 2018 data: Birthplace



The 2018 Census data is starting to flow through our Community Profile tool. Check out the new 2018 Māori Descent and Birthplace datasets! You are getting an early peek at this data as it has not yet been released through StatsNZ platforms.

Māori Descent

Maori Descent is an interesting question – it should not be confused with Ethnicity data. The term "Māori descent" is based on a genealogical or biological concept, rather than on cultural affiliation to the Māori ethnic group. Information on cultural affiliations, or ethnicity, is collected in the census question on ethnic group (this data is already released). It is important to view Maori Descent in conjunction with the data on Ethnicity as some people who have Māori ancestry may not identify themselves ethnically as Māori.


Birthplace data is an indicator of cultural diversity, and of historical settlement patterns. 

Data quality notes

Both Maori Descent and Birthplace 2018 Census datasets have high data quality ratings.  However, because different approaches were used in the 2018 census to gather data (e.g. administrative datasets were employed where there were low response rates) there may be comparability issues with earlier census years.

.id is committed to helping our users make informed decisions based on the best possible data.

The Community Profile tool transparently addresses questions of quality. The tool includes a data quality statement and link to further information on all Census 2018 topics. You can see these references at the bottom of each relevant table and in the detailed data notes.



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