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The New Team Habits

The New Team Habits is here! Get your copy of this step-by-step interactive guide to improving your team's habits, practices, and dynamics. Learn how to increase your efficiency, cultivate belonging, and drive progress against goals and initiatives. This book is for leaders and teams across industries; buy your copy and dig into the power of team habits now!

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Growing PL Practices and Innovative Leadership across 55 Schools

With the start of the 2019-2020 school year, there are now 55 schools across Loudoun County that have implemented personalized learning; 40 of those schools have been implementing PL for over a year. In order to best support these schools that have transitioned out of their first year of implementation and are looking to continue to grow, innovate and iterate on their current practice, we are hosting a yearlong series of workshops centered on the Innovative Leadership Competencies. Principals, along with 2-3 additional school-based IMG_9993leaders from each site,  attend each workshop, where we take a deep dive into 2 competencies per workshop. At our most recent workshop, we focused on Nurturing Trust and Know Yourself. Leaders attended small sessions on how to build powerful PL through nurturing trust and creating structures & habits to cultivate curiosity. The leaders had an opportunity to share reflections of how they practiced the leadership competency by debriefing their reflections on the collaborative call on October 30th.  Throughout the school year we are building the Loudoun PL Leadership Playbook to continue to build capacity across teams around innovation.

IMG_9992-1Innovation doesn’t stop there. Loudoun was selected to host the League of Innovative Schools this year, where leaders from over 100 districts across the country came to Loudoun to visit classrooms, hear from guest speakers, attend workshops focused on equity and inclusion, and problem-solve together. 


Personalized Learning Initiative (PLI) in Fresno Unified Draws International Audience

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In the 2019-2020 school year, Fresno Unified School District has 28 schools shifting toward personalized/blended learning instructional models. Our work in Fresno has centered around training waves of teachers and administrators, and 26 schools have been implementing personalized learning through blended approaches for over a full year. This year our work has focused on supporting those 26 schools as they continue to grow, as well as starting support with two new school sites. We have also collaborated with Fresno Unified to train 150 coaches and leaders to support personalized learning through blended approaches across the district. Our most recent workshop focused on blended learning instructional models and supporting teachers to plan for high-quality instruction that incorporates whole group instruction, targeted small group instruction, collaborative task, and independent practice with intentional use of curricula and tech tools/resources. Fresno continues to innovate with virtual coaching visits to support individual school sites and allow teachers and principals to share best practices across sites.

Fresno’s awesome work isn’t going unnoticed - recently, a delegation from Helsinki, Finland came to visit Fresno Unified School District to dive into the PLI data analytics work and observe effective blended learning in action!




From: The NEW Team Habits: Fostering a Culture of Belonging Through Meeting Check-Ins
By Justin Toomer

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"Teachers and school leaders consistently report spending an exorbitant amount of time fulfilling their roles while also feeling siloed in their efforts, leaving little opportunity to add any other demands to their plates; despite their professional or topical relevance. In order to address this concern, organizations, scholastic or otherwise, are finding it necessary to revisit their current meeting structures. School teams allocate a significant amount of their time outside of the classroom in meetings and are realizing the need to receive a greater cultural and developmental return from this investment."

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Institute Fliers 2019 (1)

Let's Talk About Teacher Retention

Join us for a two-day institute based around Education Elements 8 Elements for Teacher Retention. The training will offer frameworks, resources, and practices for improving teacher recruitment and retention based on best practices for employee engagement inside and outside of the education sector. 


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Anthony Kim, author, speaker, and founder of Education Elements is launching a newsletter all about organizational habits and how people collaborate, evolve, and learn in their organizations. Sign up for the newsletter to spark new ideas, expand your vision, and practice better habits!






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