Dear Responsive Leaders,

Welcome to the sixth edition of our monthly NSR resource-share, 6 on 6! if you would like to see our first five editions, you can find it (and other NSR resources) on the New School Rules website.

This month, we are celebrating the publication of The New Team Habits, the follow-up guide to The New School Rules, co-authored by our own Anthony Kim, Keara Mascareñaz, and Kawai Lai. This book was created to help you and your teams transform the habits that hinder your progress. 

You may have made good progress this year in shifting the way your teams meet, learn, or plan, or you may be falling back into old habits. In either case, it helps to focus on the why--to reorient yourself and your teams toward the reason you have chosen to shift your organizational practices. Our resources this month are intended to facilitate those reflections and discussions. 

Finally, you are invited to join our National Leadership Institute on December 3rd-4th in Denver, Colorado. This institute will focus on responsive practices to ensure Teacher Retention. We’d love to see you or someone you know there!

The NSR Team

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1 Check-In Question 

In a sentence, how would you like to be described at your retirement party?

Tags: Engagement, Psychological Safety, Building Trust


2 Content We’re Consuming

 Unconventional Life Podcast

This podcast profiles successful entrepreneurs, artists, creatives and thought leaders who are earning their livings in nontraditional ways.

Tags: Learning Organization, Distributed Authority | 23 minutes 


Quote We're Considering

“That’s been one of my mantras - focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.” - Steve Jobs

Tags: Learning Organization, Focus on Purpose


Idea We’re Exploring

How to Ask Your Team the Right Questions

When you are shifting practices on the organizational level, it may require individual members of your team to experience discomfort as they learn new ideas and habits. Supporting your team as they discover their own why is an important part of leadership. This article illuminates the right way to solicit input and reflection from your team, so you can help align their true north with yours.

 Tags: Reflection, Focus on Purpose | 5 min read


5 Tool We’re Trying

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Discover the Real You--With the Johari Window

As you revisit your why, this tool can help you explore your key characteristics, your goals, and the progress you’ve made. 


Tags: Goal Setting, Learning Organization | 30-60 min activity


6 Check-Out Question

What is one positive word you would use to describe your team culture? Answer here and enter to win some Team Habits Swag!

Tags: Engagement, Psychological Safety, Building Trust


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