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Some exciting news to share: since our inferred metastatic status feature launched on October 17, over 70,000 inferences have been surfaced!


As you might have noticed, we’re also changing the name of our monthly newsletter to “Research Roundup”. It was time to update our newsletter, as we now have features in both OncoEMR and OncoTrials. We’ll also continue including non-product updates, such as webinar invitations.


Do you have anything you’d like to hear from us? Let us know by emailing researchroundup@flatiron.com!

Ask a Question

We’re also excited to share the first Q&A from our new Ask a Question platform.


As a reminder, you can ask about anything research-related, and if we can’t answer your question, we’ll connect you with another research team who can.

How do portal users register for OncoEMR with the new email-based login?

The process of provisioning portal users will remain as is, however, when the new user is created, the admin will need to enter an email address in place of a username. A registration link will then be sent to the new user, which will allow them to set up their own password and finish the registration process.


As a reminder, portal users must have their own unique login with their own email to ensure we are compliant with HIPAA regulations. HIPAA regulations explicitly state that sharing of accounts is not allowed.


For the quickest response to questions about provisioning portal users, please contact OncoEMR support by calling 888-662-6367 or emailing oesupport@flatiron.com.

Coming soon

Last call for November access to Con Meds/PMSH

If you’d like early access to the Concomitant Medications and Past Medical/Surgical History features, email clinicalresearch@flatiron.com. Early users will receive access to these features on November 22. All users will be able to access these features starting December 13.


The Research Documentation Toolkit will act as your central resource for preparing your practice for these new workflows. The toolkit contains:

  • Feature overview
  • An implementation checklist
  • Certified workflows
  • Workflow training videos

Learn more:

See how Oncology Consultants achieved faster time to sign-off, fewer monitor queries, and overall increased data completeness.

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At OncoCloud ‘19, we launched Flatiron Communities, a new forum for sharing best practices in community oncology.

Join the Research Community to connect with other research directors, managers, and coordinators to share best practices and tactical strategies to run a successful research program.

Please share this link with anyone else at your practice who would like to join.

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