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Google Cloud Platform (GCP) recently announced the beta launch of Google Cloud Recommenders, and the features and functionality are pretty exciting. The short of it is that with Recommenders in GCP, you can now:

  • Automatically get analysis of usage patterns to help you determine if resources and policies within Google Cloud are optimally configured
  • Automatically detect if overly permissive access policies are present, and adjust them based on access patterns of similar users in your organization
  • Choose the optimal virtual machine size for your workload, because most GCP customers initially provision machines that are too small or too large.

This is all pretty awesome, but in actuality, this is old news.

The Magalix Agent (which can be found in the Google Cloud Marketplace) has been doing this since day 1. Just last week with the release of KubeAdvisor, we now enable developers and DevOps engineers to get continuously generated Recommendations specifically to save money on any cloud provider (including GCP), enact best practices for cluster configuration, and optimize resource usage with application performance.

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ambassador patterns

Kubernetes Patterns: The Ambassador Pattern

An Ambassador container is a sidecar container that is in charge of proxying connections from the application container to other services. However, while the Adapter container acts as a reverse proxy, the Ambassador container acts as a client proxy.
What's inside:
  • What is an Ambassador container?
  • Connecting to multiple Redis servers.
  • Sidecar, Adapter & Ambassador Patterns.
The Environment Variables Configuration Pattern

Kubernetes Patterns: The Environment Variables Configuration Pattern

One way of injecting configuration data into a container is through environment variables. Every modern operating system supports storing key-value pairs (variables) and availing them to any running application. All programming languages have a way to retrieve environment variables from the OS.
What's inside:
  • Using Environment Variables.
  • Kubernetes Env, ConfigMaps, and Secrets.
  • Should I Supply “default” Configuration Values?
  • When Not to Use Environment Variables.


From the Community

Breaking Up and Making Up: Composable Persistent Storage for Kubernetes

Kubernetes is rapidly emerging as the standard for application management in the data center. Kubernetes defines applications in a container model for deployment and delivers most of the software-as-a-service features of virtualized infrastructure at a lower cost and with less performance degradation. In this article we’ll cover the intersection of Kubernetes and scale-out data-intensive applications, what problems Kubernetes solves for those applications and why composable infrastructure provides the remaining piece for a total solution

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Containers and security – What are the five biggest myths?

For site reliability engineers and developers, containers have proven to be a useful new way to quickly package and deploy application components at scale. As these IT teams rely more and more on the portability and pervasiveness that containers offer to support their microservices-enabled technologies, they will need to quickly compose and orchestrate all these software edifices. Kubernetes has made it easier to orchestrate the infrastructure for those applications with automated management processes that would otherwise have to be done manually or by stand-alone scripting or complex meshing of siloed tools.


5 Essentials for Securing Your Kubernetes Deployments

Cloud computing has ushered in a digital transformation in the way applications are developed, deployed and operated. In the cloud-native era, applications are based on microservices and delivered via containers, enabling enterprises to continuously and efficiently update their apps while maintaining a seamless user experience. To manage their immense volumes of containers, companies large and small are turning to Kubernetes to orchestrate their containerized workloads and serve as their application delivery vehicle.

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Computer Container Technology Market In-Depth Analysis Report 2019| Apache Mesos ,Kubernetes ,Docker

“Los Angeles, United State, November 4TH, 2019, – – The report comes out as an intelligent and thorough assessment tool as well as a great resource that will help you to secure a position of strength in the global Computer Container Technology market. It includes Porter’s Five Forces and PESTLE analysis to equip your business with critical information and comparative data about the Global Computer Container Technology Market. We have provided deep analysis of the vendor landscape to give you a complete picture of current and future competitive scenarios of the global Computer Container Technology market. Our analysts use the latest primary and secondary research techniques and tools to prepare comprehensive and accurate market research reports.


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