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Quick optimizations to implement for Q4

We’re almost to the middle of Q4 and we’re beginning to see ad spend increase as we draw nearer to Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the holidays. With all of this ad spend out there, it’s time to make sure you’re in the best position to maximize your revenue through the end of the quarter. Increasing the overall quality of your inventory by ensuring you have a high average viewability leads to your inventory qualifying for high paying campaigns. While bid density is high, it’s a good time to increase your overall impressions and take full advantage of the market. 

Here are some helpful tips for you to review to see if there is more opportunity to grow your revenue this year.

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Enable viewable refresh

Sortable recently released our viewable managed refresh solution for all publishers using Sortable’s container. Viewable refresh can be enabled by the Sortable team to refresh your ads only once they’ve qualified as viewed, which increases your overall impressions and the average viewability of your site.

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Use anchors

Anchors units are a good way to ensure you have highly viewable inventory that advertisers can target. Anchors increase your total impressions and viewability. For publishers using Sortable’s Hosted solution, ask our Customer Success team to turn these on automatically.

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Update ads.txt

The Sortable Demand team is working hard to add more demand partners to your stack in the next few weeks. To ensure that all of your eligible partners are able to bid on your inventory, you need to make sure your ads.txt file is up to date. One easy way to do this is using Sortable’s new Hosted Ads.txt solution which automatically updates your ads.txt file when new demand sources are added.

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Employ a compliant CMP

If you rely on significant traffic from the European Economic Area (EEA), you need to use a fully functional Consent Management Platform (CMP) in order to comply with the GDPR, and ensure Sortable is serving ads for users in this region. If you do not already have a CMP, use Sortable’s CMP

Upcoming changes to Chrome’s cookie policies and associated warning messages

While no action is required for publishers at this point, we wanted you to know that Chrome has started displaying warning messages regarding cookies and the SameSite attribute. Chrome is proactively displaying the error to ensure websites are prepared for the change (scheduled for early 2020). You may also start to see the warning message in Firefox and Edge browsers. 

Sortable’s Engineering team is aware of the upcoming changes and have already scheduled the work required to support this change well in advance of the updated Chrome release. We are continuing to monitor this industry change. This does not have an impact on ad serving at this time and you don’t need to do anything.

You may see warning messages similar to the following:

Chrome is making changes to reject insecure requests to SameSite attribute. This change means that any cookie that requests SameSite=None but is not marked Secure will be rejected. This change is designed to reduce the risks of pervasive monitoring by forcing the use of Secure cookies. Making SameSite=None cookies secure prevents attacks on users’ identifying data that may compromise their privacy. For more information about this change, see the Chrome Platform Status page.

If you have questions, please reach out to our Customer Success team,


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