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Hi You,

Happy Energy Efficiency Month!

Winter is coming.. and your heating bills are about to show it. 

BUT winter doesn't have to be a time for cold chills and high energy bills. This newsletter is full of ways to keep your home toasty and warm, while saving some carbon emissions in the process. Start with these quick tips to get you started!

Space Heating Is Most Expensive Source of Energy in Your Home

#1 Tune up your heating system

Our heating systems are similar to our cars, they need regular maintenance. Call one of our many local contractors to make sure your system is running efficiently and safely in your home.



#2 Adjust your thermostat down and night and away

Set your thermostat back at night when you're asleep and you go to work. Set them to turn up before you get home and for when get out of bed. Don't over-heat your house when you aren't there to enjoy it!



#3 Wash your clothes in cold water

Washing clothes in cold water saves energy because you don't need to use energy to heat the water


Check out our blog post to learn more about the importance of energy efficiency and new technologies that can help you!


Home Owners
 Get a Home Energy Assessment

If you don't know, you can't save!

A home energy assessment is the perfect way to understand your home and how it uses energy. When you sign up, you'll receive...

  • $100 worth of free stuff (LED Bulbs, programmable/smart thermostats, water heater blanket, etc)!
  • A report that gives you steps to take to save energy and $$$!
  • Rebates (money back) for your energy saving projects!

Have questions? Connect with an Energy Coach.

Schedule Your Assessment

Business Owners Get Money Back for Facility Upgrades

Need to replace a furnace or lighting? Make sure you are working with our local partners to get money back for your projects! Check out the rebates available for your business.

Have questions? Connect with an Energy Coach. 


  Holy Cross Energy Rebates

Black Hills Energy


Walking Mountains Sustainability



Vail Resorts Epic Promise Progress Report Released

Vail Resorts is making headway on their Commitment to Zero. Check out the highlights of their report below or read the full version here.

  • Energy efficiency: During the 2018/19 season, we invested $2.4 million in energy efficiency upgrades that included snowmaking operations and switching to LED lighting. Collectively the impact of these upgrades means we have achieved 25 percent of our energy-efficiency goal.

  • Waste diversion: We diverted more than eleven million pounds of waste from landfill over the last season through recycling and composting, allowing us to achieve 44 percent waste diversion – exceeding our target of 42 percent for the year
  • Reforesting habitat: By reforesting 10 acres on the Western slope of Colorado that had been impacted by the bark beetle, we 100% met our commitment to plant or restore an acre of forest for every acre displaced by our operations.

Walking Mountains' 8th Annual Sustainable Film Series!
Join us in our new location at the Riverwalk Theater to watch this years most compelling sustainability films! Check out the full schedule here.




Holy Cross Energy Releases Marketplace for Instant Rebates

Looking for new energy efficient tech for your home or business?

Order through the Holy Cross Store and have your energy efficiency rebates instantly applied!



Town of Vail Free Home Energy Assessments and Double Rebates, still available!

If you live in the Town of Vail and have not had a Home Energy Assessment, now's the time to act! 

Schedule Your Assessment


All-Electric Buses
Coming for ECO Transit & the Town of Vail

ECO Transit and Town of Vail will be adding new EV buses to their fleets in 2020. These new vehicles have zero tailpipe emissions and are designed to operate in cold climates!


Fast Charge Stations now in Eagle CountyEagle DC FC at Eagle Park N Ride

Town of Eagle became the first town in Eagle County to install a DC Fast Charging Station for electric-vehicles. DC Fast Charge stations can charge a full EV battery in approximately 20 min, compared to 4 hours with a traditional charger. 

Check out the new station at the Chambers Park N Ride in Eagle!


Textile Recycling
- Don't throw those old clothes out!


For the last year, Eagle County has been building it's capacity to divert 'hard-to-recycle' items out of the landfill. Textile recycling is now available at all of the following Eagle County Drop-Sites! If you have any old textile (sheets, clothes, curtains, etc) that cannot be donated, drop them at our textile recycling bins!

Textile Recycling Locations:
  • Town of Vail Drop Site
  • Town of Avon Drop Site
  • Town of Eagle Drop Site
  • Eagle County Landfill

Town of Vail - E-Waste Recycling Event!

town of vail recycling event 2019


FREE Recycling Drop-Off for the following items,

Electronic Waste
Shredded Paper
Bike Tires
Old Vinyl Banners


Charges may apply for excessive volumes.
No commercial collections accepted.



Town of Avon Powered by 100% Renewable Energy Event!

Have you offset your electricity use with renewable power?

Town of Avon in partnership with Holy Cross Energy and the Climate Action Collaborative is hosting a Pizza for Climate Action Event!

Pazzos pizza event

When October 29th, 5-7:30pm
Where Pazzo's Pizzeria, Avon, CO
What Stop by Pazzo's in Avon and sign up to go 100% renewable electricity with Holy Cross Energy. If you sign up at the event, Avon will buy you a slice of pizza!
Who ALL residents welcome!