Diesel Ford Lightning

It’s both loved by 7.3L fans and hated by first-gen Lightning purists, but either way Ryan and Cooper Zelazny’s 7.3L Power Stroke-swapped ‘95 Lightning is eye-grabbing. The SVT F-150 is fitted with air bag suspension, DJM lowering I-beams, a custom four-link rear suspension, and an 8.8-inch rear end... Read More >>


2020 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel Rated for 32-MPG

The 2020 EcoDiesel may not top GM’s new inline-six diesel in average half-ton fuel economy, but it can be driven farther on a tank of fuel. The new EPA fuel economy rating for Ram’s latest 1500 series truck, powered by the revised 3.0L VM Motori V-6 with 480 lb-ft... Read More >>



Cross-Bolts Save Lives

Mike Miller suffered a bit of turbocharger carnage recently. Luckily, the cross bolts in his downpipe kept the turbine wheel from rocketing out the exhaust system. It’s proof that the 3/8-inch cross bolts required by the Outlaw Diesel Super Series do their job, but also that positioning them as close to the turbine wheel ... Read More >>



Blackout in the Country

One of the biggest fall gatherings in the diesel industry took place over the weekend, with an estimated 2,500 spectators descending on Woodbury, Tennessee for the annual Blackout in the Country. Hosted by Beans Diesel Performance, enthusiasts of all ages were treated to burnouts, chassis dyno action, dirt drags... Read More >>

Gale Bank


10 Years After Dropping the “Dodge” Name from Ram

On October 4, 2019, Ram Truck celebrated 10 years of becoming a stand-alone brand following the auto maker bailouts of 2009. Coinciding with the 10-year anniversary is the “Power of Innovation” marketing campaign, which showcases the brand’s decade-long... Read More >>


Scientists: Internal Combustion Engines Aren’t Going Anywhere

Even though electric propulsion tends to dominate the news these days, some experts are reminding us that internal combustion will be with us for the foreseeable future. In an editorial put together by 37... Read More >>

Steinbauer Power from Scheid Diesel

Steinbauer Power from Scheid Diesel

With roots deeply embedded in agriculture, it stands to reason why Scheid Diesel offers products intended to maximize productivity on the farm. As a Steinbauer dealer, Scheid offers its ag customers the highest quality, most vigorously tested programming on the market today... Read More >>