Results Matter - Check out the recent article by Michael Horn in Forbes magazine. Horn identifies several districts that work with Ed Elements as shining examples of the power and potential of blended learning. Middletown, NY and Horry County, SC get big mentions! Or want to see the full results? Download them here!
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October 2014 Newsletter

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Results Matter

Check out the recent article by Michael Horn in Forbes magazine. Horn identifies several districts that work with Ed Elements as shining examples of the power and potential of blended learning. Middletown, NY and Horry County, SC get big mentions!  Or want to see the full results?  Download them here!


5 Domains of Blended Learning Teaching Practice

Want to be able to self-assess and set goals for your teaching practice?  Or want to know how to better support your teachers doing blended learning?  Download our blended learning teaching rubric, based on our work with 2,000 teachers and coaches.


Out and About

Fall is not just back-to-school it is also back-to-conferences-- lots of them!  Check out where you can find Ed Elements this Fall (hint: its everywhere from AL to NJ to MI to CA).  We are speaking on panels, throwing parties, and hosting dinners-- let us know where you will be so we can invite you to join us!


5 Districts, One Panel? YES. Come check it out.

We are going to be busy at iNACOL in Palm Springs, starting with a pre-conference workshop featuring DCPS, Horry County, Middletown, Newark, and Uinta.  Register for the workshop here.  Want an invite to any of the events we are hosting (like the book launch party for Michael Horn and Heather Staker’s new book)? Send an email!


New Team Member(s)

Our engineering has been growing all summer (check out of team page to see both their “serious” and their “silly” side by clicking on the pics) and we are now excited to also announce our new VP of Education, Ray Rozycki.  Ray comes from a family of educators and has been both a teacher and principal, as well as worked in product development.  We are so happy to have him on board!


Enter the Classroom Refresh Contest

Want to win free digital content and free access to the Ed Elements platform for your classroom and your school?  Create a video and enter the Compass Learning Classroom Refresh Contest:


Recent Posts from our Blog, BYOT:


Product Spotlight

We are a few weeks into the school year and students across the country are being challenged by the intellectual demands and hands-on experiences of the personalized classroom.  For many students, this means learning for part of the day through digital content.  Often, in today’s personalized classrooms, several content providers are used in parallel.  Depending on students’ needs digital lessons can help in many ways.  For example, digital content can be used to reinforce direct instruction, build background knowledge for a project or re-teach a concept in a different way.

No matter how it is used, monitoring students’ progress on multiple content providers can be time consuming and confusing.  That’s why Education Elements has developed an easy-to-use report that gives you visibility across all of your providers.  In a single report, you can see how classes and individuals are performing across their digital activities and providers.  With just a few clicks, you can even create custom groups for more focused data analysis.  Stay tuned for more updates and innovations to Highlight! 




Partner Spotlight


Imagine Learning harnesses the power of technology to provide kids with focused language and literacy software. Engaging, innovative instruction boosts student achievement for English language learners, struggling readers, students with disabilities, and early childhood students. Imagine Learning takes the best research-based teaching practices combined with the latest in technology and delivers effective curriculum for accelerated student learning. Students receive systematic and explicit instruction in the five essential components of reading distinguished by the National Reading Panel: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

It’s not just the instructional quality of Imagine learning that makes the difference, but the way it is applied to each child individually. The program is differentiated based on student-specific needs. An initial placement test determines a developmentally appropriate starting point for each student, and as students work through the software, their experience is tailored and enhanced by scaffolded support, immediate instructive feedback, and strategic first-language translation.

Teachers are supported by an interactive data portfolio that provides them with valuable data leading to effective, targeted student intervention. The Action Areas tool pinpoints which skills students are struggling with and provides focused intervention printouts and activities. Teachers can use these resources to teach children one-on-one or in small group settings. In addition, the new Growth Reporting tool offers a historical view of student growth compared to similar students and a desired progression outline. And third-party Scantron® assessments provide reliable growth measures to evaluate student performance and inform instruction.

For more information, please visit our website at


Articles We Read

Check out a few articles we have gotten excited about over the past month:

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Events We're Attending

Connect with us!

League of Innovative Schools
Washington, DC - Oct 5-7 

EE Personalized Learning Tour 
Boise and Moscow, ID - October 9-10 

State Superintendent's of Alabama Fall Conference 
Florence, AL - Oct 12-14 

Georgia State Superintendent's Association Fall Bootstrap Conference 
Athens, GA - Oct 22-24 

Council of Great City Schools Annual Fall Conference
Milwaukee, WI - Oct 22-26 

NJSBA Workshop 2014
Atlantic City, NJ - Oct 28-30 

iNACOL Blended and Online Learning Symposium
Palm Springs, CA - Nov 4-7 

Want to meet up at an event? Email newsletter@edelements.comand tell us where you will be!