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Published just four times a year, this newsletter was created by leaders from the field of education sharing opinions, experiences and learnings.


Diminisher Dad Defined – “What are you thinking…?”

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By Mark Sato, Principal of Kaz consulting, inc., & Master Practitioner for the Wiseman Group

Our experience, past success, and hard won wisdom can cloud our perspective on others, especially when they seem to think like we do… Even with a good deal of experience being fortunate to work with and for smart leaders on Multiplier topics for years, I fall into the same trap: thinking those who think like I do actually do. Rather than amplify the intelligence of those around me, I shut down their thinking by assuming my similarities will provide answers for their issues. Unfortunately, I’m quite good at this both at home and at work. 



New Environment Sparks New Learning

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By Barry Olhausen (Assistant Executive Director at TOSS) and Kelly Freiheit (Associate Partner at Education Elements)

Education Elements and Tennessee Organization of School Superintendents (TOSS) came together to design an experience for adult learners that would make a difference in their lives as innovative leaders. Both organizations wanted to create an experience that would inspire them, that would change mindsets and drive different results.  Here was the real challenge.



Our Journey To Personalizing Learning

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By Keith M. Seifert, Chief Academic Officer of Muscogee County School District

In October 2017, AdvancEd conducted our five-year district accreditation review. At the conclusion of the review process, we received a couple of recommendations that were spot on and aligned with our district comprehensive needs assessment’s (CNA) overarching needs...we believed personalized learning would be an effective improvement strategy to pursue.





Registration Is Now Open For The Education Elements Summit 2020! 
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Join us in Austin for the 2020 Education Elements Summit! The Education Elements Summit is the premier event for district leaders who are transforming leadership, teams, and teaching & learning.

The theme for the summit is "Sparking Innovation in Leadership & Learning". So join us from May 13th to May 15th for 2+ days of dynamic sessions, insightful keynotes, and tours of some of the most innovative companies in the area. Registration has officially opened. So grab a ticket, and get ready to meet us in Texas!

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3 Ways For Leaders To Power Up
Webinar Square Cards (8)Strategic Planning Buy-in Through Community Engagement
December 16 | 3pm ET / 12pm PT
The process of strategic planning is more important than the plan itself. Having active engagement from all stakeholders is crucial in order to create a plan to respond to the needs of the community. Join us for a webinar on how you can effectively engage your community as you develop plans for your district. 

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Teacher Retention Leadership Institute 
December 3-4
Don't miss out next month on this leadership institute dedicated to tacking one of the toughest challenges facing schools and districts nationwide: teacher retention. This two-day event will equip school and district leaders with concrete strategies to recruit and retain strong teaching staff as well as build a culture that will continually engage the brightest and most innovative teachers. 






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