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Magalix is participating in All Day DevOps on November 6. We will be hosting a viewing party at our Engineering office in Cairo.

All Day DevOps is bringing 150 speakers live to your desktop, as part of a 24 hour, global initiative. There will be five simultaneous tracks, with all sessions delivered by DevOps and DevSecOps practitioners from over 25 countries. No vendor pitches, no sales, no marketing. Only practitioners. 


Please take advantage of this global, educational event. Registration is free, there is no cost to attend. It’s our way of saying “Thank you for being part of our community”.
Please make sure to secure your spot in the viewing party here.


Magalix Blog Recap


Kubernetes Patterns - The Adapter Pattern

What's inside:
  • Why do we need an adapter container?
  • What is Prometheus?
  • How Prometheus works?
  • using an adapter container with Nginx

Kubernetes Patterns - Sidecar Pattern

What's inside:
  • The basic idea on which UNIX was designed.
  • What Does a Sidecar Container Do?
  • log-Shipping Sidecar.
  • log Aggregation.


From the Community

As always, a selection of cool stuff we've found in the larger K8s community - exciting news, updates, releases, vulnerabilities and more. If there is something you want us to include in a newsletter please send it to weekly@magalix.com

Kubernetes 1.16 introduces highly scalable Endpoint slices

Kubernetes’ third release in 2019 has landed. Version 1.16 revolves around three main themes: Custom resources, overhauled metrics, and volume extension. It includes 31 enhancements in total. Users can install the newest version with kubeadm. Get a taste of what’s new, what’s moved to beta, and what’s graduated to GA.


Booming Demand For Kubernetes Market Size, Demand, Region And Growth Forecast 2019-2026

Kubernetes is an open-source container orchestration system that systematizes maturation processes such as arrangement and ascending. It compromises a convenient and extensible platform that enables both computerized and declarative formations while providing a container-centric management atmosphere for orchestrating compute, network and storing possessions to provision changing capabilities. Based on knowledge advanced by Google, Kubernetes has its ancestries in microservices and deported applications, consecutively invention assignments at the gauge in enormous data centers.


Massive Growth of Container Technology Market 2019-2025 by top key players like Docker, Apache Mesos, Kubernetes, Oracle Solaris

An accurate study of Container Technology market has been published by QYReports in order to comprehend the potential of Container Technology industries. Acumen business knowledge of the competent team provides a precise overview of qualitative and quantitative analysis techniques which are used to examine trade data. This penetrative insight particularly helps to provide the guidelines for industry progression.


Istio 1.3: What’s New, What’s Coming

Istio is an open source service mesh that enables developers to “connect, secure, control, and observe services.” Spearheaded by Google, IBM and Lyft, Istio is a collaborative initiative meant to solve operational hurdles associated with distributed microservices development.


Kubernetes’ next step could be to try orchestrating everything else

With Wednesday evening's official third-quarter release of Kubernetes version 1.16 into general availability, comes an intriguing new question: Could every element of an enterprise data center's infrastructure -- not just those newfangled containers, but virtual machines, "big data" platforms, and machine learning frameworks -- all eventually become orchestrated by Kubernetes, a product originally born out of Google's need to make order out of chaos?


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