2019 BR Eagle CMYK SchoolHi Friend of DSST,

The U.S. Department of Education recognized 362 schools across the nation today as National Blue Ribbon Schools for 2019 and we are extremely proud to announce that DSST: Byers Middle School has been named a National Blue Ribbon School! 

The National Blue Ribbon School Award began in 1982 and has recognized approximately 9000 schools in its 37 years of existence (6% of all U.S. schools).   Last year was the first year that Byers was eligible for the award and we are extremely proud to have achieved such an honor so early on in our history as a school! The Department of Education recognizes schools based on all student scores, student subgroup scores, and graduation rates. As recipients of the award (out of 132,853 K-12 schools in the U.S.)  this means that we are in the top 0.3% of U.S schools for 2019! 

As a graduate of Cherry Creek High School and Campus Middle School (both Blue Ribbon Schools in the Cherry Creek District) and a recipient of an education that supported me through to a Master’s Degree I am extremely proud to be part of building a Blue Ribbon School here at Byers. With this award we are joining the ranks of schools like Campus and Cherry Creek as well as our very own DSST: GVR High School, which continues to rank as one of the best schools in the country. 

As a community that fought hard to see this building brought back to life, and a team that has worked tirelessly to achieve amazing results year over year, we are very proud of this achievement. This coveted National Blue Ribbon Schools award affirms the hard work of our educators, families and communities in creating a safe and welcoming school where students master challenging and engaging content. We look forward to continuing to achieve phenomenal results in our middle school program and to the day when our High School is also recognized for the amazing results we achieve each year!

We will celebrate this accomplishment with a full 6-12 “Blue Ribbon” BLUE Dress Down Day on Monday, September 30th. Students should dress in as much BLUE as possible while following our Dress Down Day guidelines to celebrate this award!

Thank you for everything you have done to support, encourage, and enhance our school and community over the past seven years. We are a great school because of you! 


Elin Curry

DSST: Byers School Director

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