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The Annual Report Is Here

Have you read the annual report yet? Download our annual report to learn about the innovative leaders and districts we partnered with this past year to implement responsive practices in their classrooms, schools, and plans. 





CBE And Be Seen

huntleyLocated about 50 miles northwest of Chicago, IL, the Huntley Community School District is making a transformational shift in teaching and learning at their high school through competency-based education (CBE). Their journey into CBE began as part of the State of Illinois competency pilot program, but has quickly grown to be an integral part of the school’s culture — manifested through a “school-within-a-school” called Vanguard Vision. Now in their second year, they have added a new cohort of freshmen, bringing their total participation to just under 200 students.

Vanguard Vision’s approach has been to leverage an instructional model that gives students more voice and choice, allows for movement based on mastery, applies knowledge through performance assessments, and demonstrates mastery of competencies through interdisciplinary coursework. In addition to mastering academic content, teachers at Vanguard take students through a series of lessons built to feed into their personalized learning plan and set goals for Habits of Work, Life, and Learning (HOWLLs). 

Learn more about this groundbreaking new program here. Interested in learning more about how to take steps towards CBE in your school or district? Be sure to download our Competency-Based Education Toolkit.


The Game-Changing Team Habits We All Need

“Collaborative.” “Student-centered.” “Inclusive.” When we ask districts to identify what they want to be known for, we typically hear broad words like the ones listed here. And while broad definitions lead to ambitious goals for districts, we are also frequently asked how to go about achieving these desired identities. 

Recently, we’ve led leadership seminars grounded in team habit-building and have shared that the overlooked link between a district or team’s current conditions and desired future identities lies in the habits that those same teams practice. Recently, a district that we work with in New York shared that they want their cabinet team to be known for “encouraging creativity.” In order to get to this future state, we led the cabinet team through an exercise in identifying the habits that it would take to become a team that encourages creativity. Habits such as building in equal conversational turn-taking at meetings, starting with “yes, and” instead of “that won’t work,” and building in protocols to make space for true objections all surfaced.  Within a short time, this team was able to see that to build the intended identity for your team or district, you have to begin by building intentional team habits. 

Want to learn more? Join us for our Team Habits Leadership Institute in Denver, Colorado, on November 6-7!





From: The Power of Responsive Practices in Schools and Districts Across the Country
By Andreea Mitran

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"This summer I had the pleasure of working alongside my Education Elements colleagues to reflect on the incredible work our partner districts have accomplished in the past year. We had the opportunity to interview four districts, survey over 100 district leaders, and analyze thousands of data points. We also got to reflect on our own practices to see how we can improve.

We were inspired by the results of this process – particularly in the progress we’re seeing schools and districts make. Our partner districts report that their teachers are innovating more often, collaborating more effectively, and providing opportunities for students to shape their learning journeys more often."

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Preorder Your Copy of New Team Habits

New Team Habits: A Guide To New School Rules is a step-by-step guide to key practices and habits that increase efficiency, cultivate belonging, and build momentum amongst teams. The book will be available later this fall, but you can preorder your copy now! 


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A New Resource for Leaders & Teams!

Anthony Kim, author, speaker, and founder of Education Elements is launching a newsletter all about organizational habits and how people collaborate, evolve, and learn in their organizations. Sign up for the newsletter to spark new ideas, expand your vision, and practice better habits!






Building New Team Habits: Moving From Theory to Practice

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Are you a district or school leader who sets goals year after year, but struggles to build buy-in for those goals? Are your teachers and staff bought into your initiatives, but you're not seeing the results you desire? It may be less of a problem with your goals and more of an issue with the habits and conditions of your team. Join us for a webinar on October 8th where we will discuss the practices and habits for teams that increase efficiency, cultivate belonging, and incite progress in schools and districts. 

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